Quiet Retreat

January 30, 2011

From Psalm 119: 97-104  in the “The Message”
The ditches and ruts
Avoid them – a full time job
Let me spend my time
Listening and obeying you
Your word is what gives me life
I will ponder and absorb
The counsel that you give me
My worries and fears will die
Your word gives me life
You gave me good directions
Your words are so choice and true
I prefer them above all
Because they give life
From Psalm 119: 105-112 in “The Message”
Your words clear the way
Throw a beam of light on me
My path illuminated
I can choose his love
I will concentrate on you
Do exactly what you say
I accept your forgiveness
And will forgive others
No one can compare
When I practice your teaching
With the love you give
Although I still feel the pain
The healing will come in time
Forgiveness is now
The healing will take some time
You are choosing to trust him
The one who gave his life 
Who arose up from the grave
To comfort, heal and guide you
Your words are a gift
Given in my darkest hour
I turn with my will
Choose to believe and practice
You promises come alive
I will concentrate on you
Your commands will be my joy
I’ll resist the evil one
I need your Spirit
From Psalm 119: 113-120 in “The Message”
My place of quiet retreat
Is your Revelation thoughts
Your words always renew me
I choose to believe
Total allegiance 
To your life definition
I shiver in awe of you
Your loving embrace
Open my eyes to see you
Meet me with your compassion
My words are mixed with Eugene Peterson’s interpretation of this Psalm.  I am deeply grateful for the work, time, and prayer that he took to translate the Psalms into the language of real life.  The reflections written above are words I believe and that give me life daily.  God is closer than the air we breathe.  He is saddened by the distractions that rob us of His massive, extravagant love, and the daily joy that he wants to give.  May His peace be with you.

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