past wounds

April 9, 2011


Sue was my girlfriend

From the ninth grade to college

She was a princess


She lived in a huge mansion

Her chauffeur drove her to school

In her blue convertible

His name was “Shorty”


Life looked good on the outside

Sue was the oldest of five

Her father I rarely saw

Her mother stayed near


She was beautiful

But her world was sad as mine

Although hers appeared the best

Money hid the tragedy

It hid all of the emptiness

Suicide was the result


I thought we lived in two worlds

But later I saw the truth

We came from the same sad world

Relationships dark


We met in our woundedness

She was very kind to me

Our hearts were breaking with grief

With no words to speak


At eighteen we parted ways

Trying to hang on to love

She went to the Ivy League

I went to Ole Miss


Our letters were sweet

Our voices became distant

We could not sustain our love

It was not enough


My life fell apart

Despair became a doorway

Sue’s dad died by his own hand

We were both empty

My search led me to seek life

Her search led her to despair


Her depression led to her death

Sadness and grief crushed us all

Money could not fix the pain

Our hearts were broken

©Terry S. Smith   First posted February 20, 2010
 In memory of Sue, who died by suicide at age twenty-six.

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