A Love Without End

April 26, 2011

What I delight in
Will help you know who I am
Watch closely and you will see
We’re like a mirror
A man’s face reflects his soul
Man’s actions tells the real truth
The two together
When they are walking as one
When their aim is love
Like a fresh drink of water
Will delight a thirsty soul
No one can deny
My life is muddied sometimes
My soul needs cleansing
I come confessing my sins
God’s always glad to see me
A daily cleansing
I do not take for granted
A love without end
Engaging head, heart and soul
A discipline I have found
I found gentleness given
By faith I receive this love
A presence that’s mystical
A certainty found
In solitude I have found
Three things I’ve experienced
After fifty years I write
Of life, love and hope
Silence has taught me
To watch for the sacred path
Rekindle the fire within
To speak words of life
Psalm one nineteen calls
To look closely within me
To see what brings me delight
Realigns my soul
It calls me to turn and see 
To think about what matters
The discipline of quiet
My daily invitation
To stop the noise and listen
To the voice of love
This I must practice
I do it because I must
To learn how to love my life
In all my weakness
To see others with mercy
To give as I’ve been given
© Terry S. Smith
April 26, 2011
Meditations written while reading Psalm 119:32-111.

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