Overcoming Pain

May 28, 2011


I live in a the world of real suffering.  People hurt one another.  Parents fail children.  Children fail parents. Husbands fail wives.  Wives fail husbands.  Friends fail friends.  How does one recover when one gets it in the neck?  We all experience massive losses.  The only choice I have is how I will respond to the false things in others and the false things in me.  


The following represents thoughts I have learned that have helped me get back up and never give up no matter what happens.  The one relationship I have come to trust is the relationship where love was made real by God.  God defined himself in His son who chose to become nothing, chose to die, and defeated death.  He invites us to come and find comfort from him when betrayal has marked our lives.  I commend these thoughts to my friends to take heart when in deep pain.  God is near to comfort, bless, and help you overcome your greatest losses. 

I will blame no one

A truth I have learned

It’s a waste of time

Generations fail

It’s the empty way I’m handed

No one will escape

The question is “What will I do?”

I’ll choose bitterness or life

I’ll not live in fear

It is a theif in the night

Comes unexpected

And I’m not ready to fight

Fear robs one of His presence

I’m the only one

Who decides how I’ll respond

With vengance or love

With judgment or with kindness

Judgment will belong to God

It is a relief

That someone knows all the truth

His mercy will reign

He knows just how you see it

He knows what you do not know

Moments when we are tested

There is always room to fail

God’s love will not shift on you

He is not like us

I will give mercy

To my greatest enemy

As God gave mercy to me

I will give away

It is who I want to be

His Spirit will give me love


© Terry S. Smith
May 27, 2011 

Born in Desperation

May 22, 2011

In the morning I seek you

To proclaim love in the day

Aware of you in the night

Your deeds make me glad


I’m the broken one

Captured by amazing love

Each morning I rise


Your deep design calls

The Lord’s prayer is my path

With all the answers

Embodied in a few words

Open my eyes to see you


You sit high above

But you found me the lowest

Broken and ashamed

Needing your gentle presence

Through faith I see you near me


God’s love language is foreign

Under stress we forget it

A mystery that’s hidden

Wanting to be seen


Only by prayer

That’s born in desperation

Then we’re ready to listen

To gentle promptings

He will lead us to what next

By simple obedience


I’ll look in triumph

Over my internal foes

When I surrender my will

My leaf will be green

I’ll flourish like a palm tree

Bearing fruit even when old


This mystery can be found

In solitude and silence

Being obedient to love 

With no expectations


© Terry S. Smith, May 21, 2011

Meditations written after reading Psalm 92.

Radiant Love

May 7, 2011

I was desperate
Lonely and afraid of death
Death is when no one sees you
Acknowledges you
Will look at you with kind eyes
Or speak your name with great love
I began to seek
The terror began to leave
I tasted freedom
My friends were fading away
I felt loneliness coming
This poor man called out for help
The Lord heard my cry
He rescued me from distress
Looking back I see angels
Attending in the darkness
I found sweet refuge
I tasted something
A mystery I explored
I found love seeking
A radiant love
Touched the core of my being
And introduced me to joy
I come in silence
I awake each day seeking
In awe and hungry to know
Joy’s at the center
Love is what’s radiated 
Peace is the result
Hope for the future is certain
Desire for the truth drives me
Fifty years of seeking
Sixty-nine years of living
One thing I know to be true
God loves all people
© Terry S. Smith
May 7, 2011
Reflections written after meditating on Psalms 31-34.

The Unseen Gift

May 2, 2011

Help me understand
What it means to fear God
To have a knowledge of God
Do not be afraid
His gentleness and kindness
Will teach you to stand in awe
His Divine Power
Will provide all of your needs
Magnificent promises
Will restore your joy
You will escape corruption
Your life will be filled with hope
The Lord gives wisdom
You will hunger for knowledge
Your faith will increase
Self-control will mark your life
Forgiveness and love controls
What is right and just
Faithfulness and loyalty
Integrity above all
Lived with compassion
It’s speaking the truth in love
This takes practice and training
I do just one thing
As I rise in the morning
I seek to listen
To the voice that brings me joy
Twenty-four seven He loves
Understanding guards my life
I’ve discovered the secret
This secret found me seeking
I’m never alone
It’s an unseen gift
By faith I have discovered
A love without end
Faith, goodness, knowledge
Practicing what I have learned
Has given me hope
I will persevere and train
And I will never give up
No one can deny
When they’ve experienced love
It changes the way I look
At myself and at the world
©Terry S. Smith
Meditations written after reading Proverbs 2, Psalm 121,