Heard my Desperate Cry

July 24, 2011

I know you love me
You heard my desperate cry
My life has been changed
You gave a vision
There is hope in your story
For the wounded ones
Trouble and sorrow
I was born in that chaos
Light in the darkness
Illuminated a hope
I arose from the ashes
Compassion drew me
A gracious and tender life
Invited me to peace
Found a place to rest my soul
A mystery I have lived
My words will be few
(except on my blog)
My life will tell the story
The way I live speaks loudest
Actions speak truth
What I say and what I do
When aligned will bring joy
I know how to live
Love delivered me to joy
Death is defeated
Tears will no longer blind me
Desperation is in the past
I have made a vow
To live, love, and give myself
To being present
With people who are seeking
To define reality
Relationships are rich
Because I have been on this quest
Listening to my questions
Honestly searching
Always growing and learning
Solitude the secret
God is who He is
Silence raises awareness
Of a sacred space
God speaks loud in the quiet
Are you willing to listen
© Terry S. Smith
July 23, 2011
Written after meditating on Psalm 116.

One Response to “Heard my Desperate Cry”

  1. BraveAnnette said

    Beautiful. The way I live speaks loudest.

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