The Rhythm of Your Soul

August 25, 2011

The earth is filled with
The unfailing love of God
Therefore honor him
I bow in reverence
My joy is over flowing
His eyes are on me
My eyes are fixed on his love
This is a story I’m told
I’ve an unquenchable thirst
To know what is true
You must engage your thinking
Aware of your wounded heart
Find out that love pursues you
The unseen Spirit
We’ll focus on the person
Jesus Christ proclaimed this love
Be aware of your questions
Love is pursuing you
I dance to the tune 
A revelation of love
A rhythm of joy
Intimate eyes see
The beauty in creation
The secret silence
Is one you must fight for
Stop all the noise and listen
The beat of your heart
The rhythm of your soul calls
You have a voice in the day
Stop pleasing others
Get in touch with what you want
Take time today to like you
Terry S. Smith
© August 25, 2011
Contemplation on Psalm 33 and meditation on this statement: “What the mind cannot conceive, the heart can embrace.”  William Minninger

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