No time for my tears

September 18, 2011


There was no time for my tears

At seven years old life changed

Relationships were shattered

Love bonds were broken


No one would explain

I guess no one had the words

Each lost in their own pain


Angels attended

There was comfort in silence

An unseen presence


Many hours to wonder

To feel the deep grief alone

To discover a secret

A love deep within my soul

And a hunger to know more


As I grew older

My desire to understand

Grew exponentially

A desire to know

What is this unseen presence

I was hungry to know more


Gladness and joy came

In the searching I could see

Love pursuing me


Sorrow and sighing

Experienced deep comfort

From the unseen God


© Terry S. Smith

September 18, 2011

Written after reading Isaiah 50 & 51 and recalling memories from my life story.


Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2011


There are many stories of kindness and heroism rising out of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, but you don’t hear many stories about the dogs that helped in the search for survivors.  On a recent trip to New Hampshire for the Heartbeat Retreat, I met an impressive man, Gary M. Jobes.  Gary was one of the fireman called to help with the rescue efforts.  He told me a story about the search and rescue dogs looking for survivors in the wreckage.  His words touched my heart, and I wanted to share the story he told me with you. 


Rescue Dogs


The dogs moved through the Twin Towers, looking and searching.  They were trained to find living people.  The dogs were confused and disoriented because no living people were to be found;  they were only finding the dead.  The firemen quickly started hiding so that these highly trained dogs could be rewarded by finding someone alive. 


The dogs spent long hours searching, and their paws became cut and burned.  The firemen were approached by a shoemaker who offered to custom make leather boots for each dog to cover their injured paws so they could continue to search.  Each dog had its own fitted boots and a number so the shoemaker could make a new set as needed.  He created the protection the dogs needed to do their job.  The firefighters, dogs, and shoemaker worked together as a team to help our country on the tragic day when 2,974 hearts stopped beating. 


For the Hurting 

The shoemaker gave

A gift with no strings attached

An example to follow


His only desire

Was to give all that he had

To save the lost ones

And give the compassion needed

With appreciation to Gary M. Jobes for sharing this story.  (Used with permission.)  First posted September 11, 2009

Soar Like An Eagle

September 6, 2011

Made in the image of God
As men we are like the grass
The breath of the Lord blows them 
We wither and die
“Do not be afraid,” He says
God came with power to save

The breadth of his hand
Marks off the heavens we see
Waters measured in his hands
Dust in a basket
Mountains weighed in a balance
Who has been his counselor

To whom will you compare God
What images can you find
The world and all that’s in it
Where did it come from

My mind cannot grasp
Isaiah speaks of a God
Who has named the stars

The Lord is everlasting
Creator of all the earth
He does not grow tired as I
He renews my strength

I will soar like an eagle
I’ll run and not be weary
I will walk and not be faint
Because He’s my hope

This is personal
Intimate relationship
You are cherished by my God
He knows you by name
Just as he knows all the stars
He knows your heartbeat as well
© Terry S. Smith
September 6, 2011
Meditations written after reading Isaiah 40.
I dedicate this to my beloved grandson, Wallace.  He is twelve years old today.

Embrace Love

September 5, 2011

I love you – for you hear me
When I cried out “forgive me”
You turned and listened to me
Awakening came

I’ll not die but live
I will tell all you have done
Shouts of joy and victory
Will come from my lips
I’ll love from the inside out
Let my heart embrace the truth

What my mind cannot conceive
My heart will fully embrace
Love that’s been demonstrated
With great compassion

© Terry S. Smith
Meditations written after reading Psalm 116-118.