Mercy Running

November 30, 2011

In my brokenness I came
To my Father’s house for help
He ran to meet me with love
A ring and a robe
I thought I knew him
My perception was all wrong
The lens through which I saw him
Were convoluted
Help me see the Father’s heart
The joy and love He gave me
In my brokenness and shame
Mercy came running
I awaken to a joy
My mind has been trained to see
My heart accepts it as true
I practice belief
My feelings deny
The impossibility
Of this kind of compassion
But my heart is drawn
When I study the story
I am captured by his love
Through the years I know
I have found no other place
In quiet he arrives
With gentleness and comfort
With peace and a certain hope
I’ve no right to judge
Each person has a story
Our Father knows it
He gave us all of his love
Through the life of Jesus Christ
This message I love
He found me when desperate
Alone and afraid
With no one to understand
A boy broken and wounded
Through the years I have practiced
I’ve taken him at his word
Through failure after failure
Renewed with courage
I have found I can arise
Be renewed each day I live
Command the joy of his love
Because it is the truth
© Terry S. Smith
November 20, 2011
Meditations from Dr. Luke’s story of the broken boy who came home, surprised by joy.  Luke 15 


November 25, 2011


He was all alone

With no friends to talk to him

A man came to eat

Share his hospitality

To affirm his worth to God


He was all alone

Rejected by all his peers

Seen as an outcast


He was all alone

Searching for someone to care

To really see him


He was all alone

Unnoticed by his neighbors

Someone knew his name

This moment tells the story

Love in the ordinary


It was a thanksgiving day

A day Zacchaeus was seen

Affirmed as a man of worth

Loved just like he was

© Terry S. Smith

Thanksgiving 2011 

This poem is based on the historical realities of the life of a tax collector living in a Jewish community.  Tax collectors were viewed as “the enemy”.  To read more about Zacchaeus’ story click here. 



Awake with Awareness

November 20, 2011

I don’t want to change the world
I want to be changed by You
The darkness in me is great
Your light exposes

When I see Your face
And I know that You see mine
Your love cuts through me
My shame and guilt are removed
I’m overwhelmed by Your love

As long as I’m in the flesh
I awake with awareness
My humanity can rule
If I allow it

I have a choice to be loved
To accept his forgiveness
To face the truth about me
The truth about God

I am changed by His story
His teachings have saved my life
I want to know Your love more
Live by Your Spirit

Looking back I see failure
My ignorance grieves my soul
To begin each day with love
Is my only hope

I will look forward
Eyes fixed on the Beloved
Hungry to know Him better
Eager to obey
The one who loves without end
My friend, my Savior, my Lord

I come this morning
Purify my heart, dear Lord
Open my eyes to see You
I cannot fathom
How near and dear Your love is 

© Terry Smith
November 4, 2011