November 25, 2011


He was all alone

With no friends to talk to him

A man came to eat

Share his hospitality

To affirm his worth to God


He was all alone

Rejected by all his peers

Seen as an outcast


He was all alone

Searching for someone to care

To really see him


He was all alone

Unnoticed by his neighbors

Someone knew his name

This moment tells the story

Love in the ordinary


It was a thanksgiving day

A day Zacchaeus was seen

Affirmed as a man of worth

Loved just like he was

© Terry S. Smith

Thanksgiving 2011 

This poem is based on the historical realities of the life of a tax collector living in a Jewish community.  Tax collectors were viewed as “the enemy”.  To read more about Zacchaeus’ story click here. 



One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. May our Lord Jesus bring all the lost, all the lonely, all the outcasts to Himself!

    Beautiful haiku, Terry. God bless you and your family.
    Love in Christ,

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