Today I will choose …

December 6, 2011

He arrived first at the tomb
But he would not go inside
I wonder why this is so
Fear paralyzes

Simon Peter went inside
No body was to be found
The linen cloth lay folded
That covered his face

Faith welled up inside
When John saw the body gone
Before this none understood
Why he must be raised
They left and went to their homes
The son rose in a new day

Many stood stunned and sobbing
Kneeling at the tomb entrance
Two angels appeared to her
Sitting where He laid

“Why were you weeping”
“They have taken my Lord away”
“I cannot find him”
Jesus then stood before her
She did not recognize him

Do I see Jesus
Standing beside me today
Please open my eyes
Mary dearly loved Jesus
Jesus heard her tears of grief

Jesus asked her this question
“Tell me why you are weeping
Who is it you are looking for?”
She could not see him

Thinking he was the gardener
She asked, “Where have you laid him?”
I will go and retrieve him
Jesus said, “Mary”

When he spoke her name
She turned and cried, “Rabboni”
The word means teacher

“Mary, you cannot hold me
I must rise above the world
To be near to my Father
My God’s your Father”

Go tell this to my brothers
Mary Magdalene obeyed him 
And went directly to them
“I have seen the Lord”

Have you seen the Lord
Pray for faith to remember
If Jesus appeared to them
He’ll appear to you
Yes, He’ll come and dwell in you
Christ lives in those who believe

Today I will choose
Accept the truth of his love
Act by faith in Him
All of the fear will leave you
When you place your trust in Him

It is important to know
That Presence based on feelings
Is what robbed Mary that day
From seeing Jesus

Jesus is risen
He loves you and hears your cry
Listen and believe
© Terry S. Smith
December 4, 2011
These reflections were written after meditating on John 20.

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