Receive Divine Love

December 13, 2011

Suffering does have a purpose
Though it hurts beyond words
When you are falsely accused
And you choose to love

Forgiveness – a choice I make
A painful process I know
Son of Man and Son of God
One who shows me how

He endured the pain
All the rejection and shame
Physical, emotional
The loss of all family
Left alone to die for me

The question of faith
Each must give their own answer
I know the story
I’m reminded this season
When I sing “O Holy Night”

I fall on my knees
His story touches my soul
Takes me to the heart of God
Embraces the pain
Gives me the power to love
And forgive those who wronged me

You hear the invitation
To come and rest in His peace
To drink the living water
Receive Divine Love

I seek the silence
When I am quiet I hear
The quiet whisper
Of a love larger than me
Embracing my soul with joy

© Terry S. Smith
December 9, 2011
Inspired by the song “O Holy Night”, sung by David Phelps, (sent to me by Jerry Dantone, a high school friend), and reflections from the first letter Peter wrote in the New Testament. 

One Response to “Receive Divine Love”

  1. Carol Smith Woods said

    One of your best, brought tears to my eyes!

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