A Love Without End

February 18, 2012

A love without end
A deep abiding friendship
With the one who gives life
A daily rhythm given
To the dance of joy
Just because you don’t feel it
Doesn’t make it not true
Don’t let unfamiliarity rob you
Of knowing Jesus’ story
God hates hypocritical religion
With all its self-righteousness
Bringing judgement on others
Jesus came to love
He said, “I came to give life
And give it abundantly.”
I decided to test it
Fifty years ago
Love in action speaks
Much louder than empty words
I focus on his actions
Love demonstrated
Taking time for quiet stillness
Today as I contemplate
A deep rhythm of the soul
Helps me live in peace
One moment in time
He gave it all to set us free
A love without end
Terry S. Smith
February 14, 2012

One Response to “A Love Without End”

  1. Amen, very inspiring poem Terry! 🙂

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