Ty Osman II – A Treasure

March 7, 2012

Our hearts are broken
Ty Osman our beloved
Has gone – left a gaping hole
Our grief overwhelms
How can you heal the pieces
Of our souls that are shattered

We don’t understand
Why his life was taken now
We are angry, sad and torn
Who gets the blame here
We thought you would protect him
Where were your angels this time

I did protect him
I gave him what he wanted
A life eternal
His purpose fulfilled
He has made my presence known

I knew him better than you
I loved him more than you did
I made him in my image
Just like I made you

I never promised
That  you would not see trouble
What I promised you is this
I’ll never leave you
Death cannot destroy your life
You believe in me, you will not die

He heard my calling
He listened to me as a son
Ty spent time with me

We would daily meet
He struggled with perfection
He thought he must be good
For me to call him my son
I met him in his weakness

He chose to believe what mattered most.

The memories that we have
Treasures that last forever
Living with moments of joy
The look in his eyes
The joy that he shared
With passion to serve others
A young life that saw
The vision of love for all
Compelled by friendship with God
                                      Ty Osman

3 Responses to “Ty Osman II – A Treasure”

  1. This is so touching. This will help alot of people.

  2. Angela Thomas said

    When sorrows like Sea the Billows roll,
    I must confess Sorrow sweeps over my soul!
    Sobs & hot stinging tears,
    wrenching my heart in waves.
    And Once Again in my overwhelming grief,
    The Lord sweetly, makes His presence known.
    The Holy Spirit envelopes me in Reassurance &
    Comfort! The Lords sweet presence reminds me
    Of his Faithfulness. The words to the Old hymn
    (It is well with my soul)
    flood my entire being with song.
    It’s precious words soothed me!
    The understanding of it’s meaning deepens,
    Even more! I stand in awe of the depths of God’s
    Incomparable Love & Eternal Faithfulness!

  3. Laurie Nickel said

    Our hearts are touched and deeply saddened but so many hearts have been led to GOD by the spirit of this young man, No words are enough but faith holds us up and the family will never be forgotten. TY, you are loved and cherished and your influence will be carried into eternity with you. May our LORD and SAVIOR surround those who love you and may we all believe as you did!

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