Look Ahead with Wonder

April 6, 2012

Help me trust with all my heart
O God, without wavering
For your love is my great truth
Test me, Lord, try me
Examine my heart, my mind
Your love ever before me
I will walk continually
Eyes fixed on your love
Place my feet on level ground
Let no one come between us
I want you to capture my heart
My soul and my mind
One thing I ask of the Lord
I seek it with all my heart
That I may dwell in your light
Your Living Presence
My father and my mother
They did the best that they could
They were broken as children
Not equipped to love
Our merciful God
Came to give relationships
That are rich and deep
A love that’s unshakable
A life that’s everlasting
My heart leaps for joy
As I remember your words
Meditate on your promise
I look back and see
I look ahead with wonder
Expect to see your glory
I’ll give thanks in song
Giving praise for what is true
Our God who lives in the NOW
A love that pursues
Our God gives us strength
A massive love beyond words
God became a man
Destroyed the power of death
Gave victory to us all
April 6, 2012.  Written in response to Psalm 26-30 and Proverbs 6.  We celebrated the Passover Seder in the home of Norma and Martin Sarvis, as we overlook Jerusalem.

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