Unexplainable Gift

April 18, 2012

I have learned to hide
In the shadow of your wings
You’ve lifted my heart to joy
I cannot explain
I’m an ordinary man
A broken human being

When I look back my heart’s sick
I see my failure and pride
Lust for affirmations
Longing for power
I repent again today
I am new every morning

Each morning I rise
Praise God for his massive love
One who lives by his Spirit
In those who repent
Those who accept forgiveness
Who accept undying love

A gift I cannot explain
It defies logic of men
But I know one thing
I was shattered in pieces
And now I am whole again

I will seek the truth
That is a choice I can make
It is the one thing
That I have done and will do
It has brought light to my eyes

I’ve lived close to death
I have watched my love ones die
I’m angry at death
I hate it with all my heart
Only truth has brought me hope

Men’s religion has failed
A cloud, a veil hides the truth
You must look deeper
Search for yourself the answers
You will find if you will seek

Reflections written after meditating on Psalm 31; Proverbs 7; Jesus Calling; My Utmost for His Highest – 4-7-12.

When I rise in the morning, I can now visualize the places I have read about for over 50 years.  I am in Jerusalem.  I have been to the Sea of Galilee.  I have stood on Mount Carmel.  I have been to the synagogue Jesus taught in Capernaum.  I have stood on the mountain where he explained who the really happy people are (Sermon on the Mount).  I have looked up at the stars over the Sea of Galilee where he knelt before dawn broke.  I have seen these places and marveled.  What is happening inside me is a feeling of having brought the one in me (Jesus) to a most familiar place.  It has made my heart glad. 

As I have been seeking the truth about life, I have found nothing to compare with the teachings and life of the man from Nazareth.  His friendship defies human logic.  His life and resurrection have been made real as I have sought what is true.   I wanted to know who speaks to the real human struggle around the universal issues of life (death, despair, guilt and fear).  I have been led to the One relationship that brings me hope, peace, forgiveness and joy.  A daily practice continues to surprise me with new things. 

One Response to “Unexplainable Gift”

  1. Keri Thompson said

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You lift my spirit! God in you lifts my spirit! What an awesome time to see where He was. What a gift The insights He gives! Please keep writing please write more and all your days and double encouraging and admonishing to SEEK TRUTH! I neeeeeeeeed this! Thank you! Have begun Jesus calling because of you and your testimonies of the young man who gave his life.

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