Today I will remember
Those who have fallen so young
Because of the bad decisions
Of Adolf Hitler
Normandy and Omaha
On those beaches lay the dead
Of young men who were heroes
Who died for freedom
Each person has a story
That is known by very few
Each would say “ordinary”
If they only knew
Each life is special
A sacred gift to cherish
Remembering the sacrifice

Thank you God

May 4, 2012

It is a hidden treasure
Knowledge of the living God
With it comes understanding
And wisdom to live
Thank you, I can understand
What it means to fear you, God
You have promised if I will search
I can know your heart
For every good work
What you need is provided
You’ll abound with provision
God’s heart will be seen
The human heart will be drawn
In relationships of love
Victory is yours
In what really matters most
When righteousness is pursued
And love is the aim
This is the promise given
You will abound in His Grace
Meditations after contemplating Proverbs 2 and II Corinthians 9:8.