Soul Refined by Fire

July 28, 2012

I met love at the bottom
This is a strange paradox
Going down led me upward
A mystery found
Life’s pain is like a furnace
The soul is refined by fire
Hope is born in the process
Joy is discovered
Why do some understand
And others don’t seem to see
I think I have a clue
Please consider this
Choose to see that you are great
A joy to behold
first posted July 23, 2009

70th Birthday

July 9, 2012


Who is this God, my Father

He is mighty in power

No limit to His insight

His understanding


He heals the brokenhearted

And He binds up the wounded

He knows the number of stars

Each of them by name


Listening and gentleness

Understanding your story

Then focusing on God’s story

You’ll find peace and hope


Come out of the pit

Open my eyes to what’s true

The unfailing love of God

Will be my delight

It’s where I place my hope

Lead me to those who are seeking


Each person is free to decide

But He will sustain the humble

I have chosen to listen

Focus on true love


I need wisdom & insight

I seek it with all my heart

I’ll define myself

By the one who gives me life

Who demonstrated His love