Living with the Unseen

September 20, 2012

The unseen darkness will lie
The unseen light will give life
I choose what I will look at
I’ll listen to Him
His words bring me life
I meditate and draw near
My gift is that I can choose
God’s Spirit follows
When I practice believing
His words above all others
I see the unseen
Looking back I’ve come to see
All things pass away
My memories I can see
They are the things that are real
When I trust in God
I cannot be defeated
Death itself cannot destroy
All the fear is gone
I live with a living hope
An inexpressible joy
Some memories give me life
Some memories bring me death
Years of trusting God each day
Brings healing and hope
This is a practice 
Focusing on what is true
Jesus comes to teach
Personal and intimate friend
He’s always glad to see me
I bow in reverence
I look at me through His eyes
I accept His love
Proverbs 20:24, II Corinthians 4:17, 18,
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Divine Perspective

September 19, 2012

Living close to you

Is the Divine perspective

When I awake your my joy

I’ve learned the story

I have listened carefully

Above all the noise and lies


Joy calls me to you

I will obey your commands

They are my delight


Seeing you is life

The tragedies and the storms

The injustice and the lies

That are all around

The death that is untimely

Could destroy us but they don’t


I’m knocked down but not destroyed

Broken but I found healing

A sinner but forgiven

Desperate with hope


Who will have the final word

In quiet I’m listening

My feelings will lie to me

When stressed I am blind


One voice calms my soul

In stillness I will focus

He comes to me in nature 

And a life of love


Who will I believe

Who speaks to what’s happening

The internal war

My soul will ask the questions

Who can speak to these issues


You will find the peace

This world will not give to you

What only God can


“Do not be afraid”

He said to them in their grief

“My peace I give to you.”


Rest is the true word

It’s available to all

Quietness and trust

Is the most difficult work

It’s the battle worth fighting


These are not just words.  They reveal a path marked for generations to honest searching people.  It is the gentle and strong call to come to life and freedom.  He invites us to come and seek.  You will find!

John 14:27, Isaiah 30:15, 2 Corinthians 10:4, and “Jesus Calling” 9-12-12


Another World

September 12, 2012

You came from another world
Giving a view of your heart
A heart of love for the weak
Grace for the wounded
In one man I found
Immersed in humanity
Broken and alone
Driven by a higher love
A love invisible but real
With powerful love he came
From another world
No eye has seen, nor ear heard
No mind can conceive of this
An intimate God presence
A love without end
Holy Spirit come
Come and heal the wounded hearts
Those grieving massive losses
Bring hope and comfort
Your promise brings life
The other world becomes real
When I trust you
No one can fathom
The depth of love that you have
Open my eyes, Lord
We have a mission
A calling to walk in faith
Proclaiming this love
Our Father gave his own son
Watched him die, kept silent
Raised him from the depths of hell
Pursued us with love
Reflections after meditating on Isaiah 54:10, Genesis 28:15, Matthew 28:20, John 17 and on Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.
My daughter Sara gave me the inspiration for today’s post as she pointed out how many times Jesus spoke of the “world.”

The Mysterious

September 3, 2012

There is something inside me
That causes me to seek You
You placed that hunger in me
A longing I trust

It’s mysterious
Your invisible presence
I cannot prove it
But it’s undeniable
Head, heart and gut engaged

Each person is seen
No person is missed by You
This I am certain
Every cry is heard by You
The story I know tells me

I know I’m getting weaker
Physically I can feel it
Emotionally the losses
Drive me to my knees

I want to be strong
I have found a way to see
To not live in denial
Of my weaknesses
I discovered the secret
God’s power works in weakness

Our relationship will stand
When all of the others fail
Tested for generations
God’s passion to love

Insecurity hidden
Loneliness behind the mask
Fear paralyzes people
Who can provide peace

Only one gives true peace
It is available to all
Take time, listen well
His life speaks, his words follow
He prays now in heaven for you
He always lives to intercede for them.
Hebrews 7:25