Another World

September 12, 2012

You came from another world
Giving a view of your heart
A heart of love for the weak
Grace for the wounded
In one man I found
Immersed in humanity
Broken and alone
Driven by a higher love
A love invisible but real
With powerful love he came
From another world
No eye has seen, nor ear heard
No mind can conceive of this
An intimate God presence
A love without end
Holy Spirit come
Come and heal the wounded hearts
Those grieving massive losses
Bring hope and comfort
Your promise brings life
The other world becomes real
When I trust you
No one can fathom
The depth of love that you have
Open my eyes, Lord
We have a mission
A calling to walk in faith
Proclaiming this love
Our Father gave his own son
Watched him die, kept silent
Raised him from the depths of hell
Pursued us with love
Reflections after meditating on Isaiah 54:10, Genesis 28:15, Matthew 28:20, John 17 and on Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.
My daughter Sara gave me the inspiration for today’s post as she pointed out how many times Jesus spoke of the “world.”

3 Responses to “Another World”

  1. Thank you, Sara, for the inspiration.

  2. Nancilynn Dunn said

    Hi Terry – I have been reading “Your Story Matters” for about a year and it is a great blessing to me. My sister went to heaven in June and your writings have helped me through this difficult adjustment. One of the things I remember you emphasizing during the course I took from you at MSU was that everyone has a story. I recalled that frequently during my years of social work. Last year I had to be in a nursing home for rehab for several months and so enjoyed being able to listen to people and their stories. The best part was not having to keep written records like I did while working. I got to enjoy each person and embrace them through listening. Someone recently shared with me an amazing story on YouTube. Look for Louie Giglio and then Mashup – Stars and Whales Singing. I hope you and Charlotte are well and thriving. Blessings.

  3. Thank you, Nancylynn. I was good to hear from you. All the best to you in this season of the coming of the precious friend Jesus who prayed before he was killed that we would understand that God loves us as much as he loves Jesus. May His peace and love fill you heart. Terry

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