Divine Perspective

September 19, 2012

Living close to you

Is the Divine perspective

When I awake your my joy

I’ve learned the story

I have listened carefully

Above all the noise and lies


Joy calls me to you

I will obey your commands

They are my delight


Seeing you is life

The tragedies and the storms

The injustice and the lies

That are all around

The death that is untimely

Could destroy us but they don’t


I’m knocked down but not destroyed

Broken but I found healing

A sinner but forgiven

Desperate with hope


Who will have the final word

In quiet I’m listening

My feelings will lie to me

When stressed I am blind


One voice calms my soul

In stillness I will focus

He comes to me in nature 

And a life of love


Who will I believe

Who speaks to what’s happening

The internal war

My soul will ask the questions

Who can speak to these issues


You will find the peace

This world will not give to you

What only God can


“Do not be afraid”

He said to them in their grief

“My peace I give to you.”


Rest is the true word

It’s available to all

Quietness and trust

Is the most difficult work

It’s the battle worth fighting


These are not just words.  They reveal a path marked for generations to honest searching people.  It is the gentle and strong call to come to life and freedom.  He invites us to come and seek.  You will find!

John 14:27, Isaiah 30:15, 2 Corinthians 10:4, and “Jesus Calling” 9-12-12


2 Responses to “Divine Perspective”

  1. Carol Woods said

    Love your writings! Please pray for Maggie’s daughter, Toni. She’s in the CVICU @ Germantown Methodist. Doctors aren’t giving family much hope of her surviving. Some improvement today though, please pray for her and her family. God is good, His will be done . Love you C

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Amen! Thank you, Terry 🙂

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