With Great Joy I Move

October 13, 2012

With great joy I move
Not because where I go
But who is with me
On level ground I will stand
To the mountains I will go
To the valley I am sent
But never alone
I’ll not live in fear
Though evil is all around
I am confident
One thing I will seek
With my eyes fixed on beauty
A relationship of love
When the trouble comes
He keeps me safe with his peace
A song in my heart
I have seen the face of God
In the servant lives
Of those who have surrendered
Moses, David, and Peter
My confidence is in this
Each of these lives were broken
The light came through their failure
A love beyond words
God has been faithful
For generations it’s love
And, also, today
Looking back I can see it
Looking forward I claim it
Based on reflections from my own life, 
Psalms 26-30; Proverbs 6; and
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Desire of Your Heart

October 9, 2012

A way is revealed
With gentleness and kindness
Love will come in a whisper
When you long to know
You seek God’s wisdom above all
Make knowledge of truth your aim
There is one constant
A surprise to discover
It’s unfailing love
In seeking the truth
Being disciplined to think
I found in desperation
A hunger for life
Simple answers do not work
Honest questions saved me
It is too good to be true
Wisdom and understanding
Is available to all
Who delight in God
Yes, it is the truth
One must practice believing Him
Take Him at His word
What’s the desire of your heart
There are promises for you
If you delight in the Lord
Light comes to your soul

Proverbs 8; Psalms 36-40; Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


What I Believe

October 5, 2012

I will see His face
He is observing my life
It’s a look of love
I choose what I will look at
I know what the face of love is
I accept the peace He gives
My faith is in Him
I am not righteous
I grew up in darkness
A light came cloaked in kindness
Gentleness and love
I looked in the face of God
In the face of mother love
My mother could not give
My father emotionally-handicapped
The God of all love
Sent grandmothers and neighbors
And His angels to attend
Unfailing love -what I know for sure
I love to tell His story
Light comes in darkness
The fire of joy can be lit
The human soul is restored
I trust in unfailing love
I rejoice in His friendship
This friend gave His life for me
There’s no one like Him
I choose what I seek
And who I will listen to
The loud voice of fear
Hidden behind guilt and shame
Must be brought into the light
I will speak the truth
I’ll watch when the door opens
Be ready to give
Make the mysterious love
Plain to those who are seeking
You have blessed my home
With patience and loving care
Crowned with forgiveness
Psalms 11-15; Proverbs 3;
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Wisdom Available

October 4, 2012

To find the treasure

Ear – listen for wisdom

Eye – search with great intent

Heart – apply the understanding


Then you’ll understand

What it means to revere God

Gain knowledge of God

You’ll discover the wisdom

Embrace the insights


You’re my shield, O God

Your righteousness –  my protector

I walk in your peace

Your promises restore me

Your Divine Power saves me

Psalm 7:10     


I will trust in you

With all my heart I seek you

It’s you I believe

You have never forsaken

Those who seek with all their heart

Psalm 9: 9,10


Is there room for God

Pride can fill up the heart

Lust will poison it

Greed causes one to act out

These three things bring great destruction


God helps the fatherless ones

Breaks the arm of the wicked

The Lord is King forever

You rule with mercy


Proverbs 2; Psalms 6-10;

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Command Joy

October 2, 2012

There is a way to command joy

A truth I learned through the years

It will take your best thinking 

Learned through suffering


Thoughtful reflections

When there seems to be no hope

The cry of desperation

Of a child who’s all alone

Is heard in the darkest hour


There is energy

Available to those who ask

It is joy for life


Over thirty years ago, Landon Saunders spoke to me about the fact that “you can command joy.”  It is true.  We visited again this past weekend, and he spoke that it is not something you will get to “someday”, but it is an “energy” you can access in the now.  Think with me about it this month.

During the month of October, I invite you to read and reflect with me through Psalms and Proverbs.  Over the years, Psalms has been my mother and Proverbs has been my father.  They gave me language for my pain, hope for my future and joy for my present.  I read through them every month, and find something new every time.