Command Joy

October 2, 2012

There is a way to command joy

A truth I learned through the years

It will take your best thinking 

Learned through suffering


Thoughtful reflections

When there seems to be no hope

The cry of desperation

Of a child who’s all alone

Is heard in the darkest hour


There is energy

Available to those who ask

It is joy for life


Over thirty years ago, Landon Saunders spoke to me about the fact that “you can command joy.”  It is true.  We visited again this past weekend, and he spoke that it is not something you will get to “someday”, but it is an “energy” you can access in the now.  Think with me about it this month.

During the month of October, I invite you to read and reflect with me through Psalms and Proverbs.  Over the years, Psalms has been my mother and Proverbs has been my father.  They gave me language for my pain, hope for my future and joy for my present.  I read through them every month, and find something new every time.

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