The Future

December 21, 2014


I can see the future me
In the story of His love
His kindness calls me to look
Through the lens of hope


The past and the present blind me
I’ve looked through the lens of despair
Believe the lies handed down
From generations


Where is the security
Restfulness you’re looking for
The feeling of a safe place
It was not in a place


I found that peace in a person
Not in a church or in a group
Alone and in the quiet
Searching to be found


Love came in stillness
Knowledge became my passion
Seeking to do good
To those I meet on the way
I found a fresh way to live


“Stop grumbling and complaining”
Is what I said to myself
I began to be thankful
For the little things


Gratitude opened the door
It gave me new eyes to see
The heart of God became flesh
In one man who loved


Each person gets to decide how to respond to the injustices of life. There is remarkable, incomprehensible greatness in each person. That greatness arises when gratitude fills the soul because there is “nothing on this planet greater than a human being.” *  The story of Jesus and His love demonstrated in real life, real time, real flesh, real pain offered a promise that moves us through the dark times with real hope.

*Landon Saunders

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