A Lifetime

December 30, 2014


What lasts a lifetime
Something that will never end
It is God’s favor
He brought me up from the grave
And spared my life from the pit


Anger is short lived
Weeping may last for a night
Rejoicing comes in the morning
Because God is near
Lifted me out of the depths
And he made my life secure


When I feel secure
I realize this one thing
A love much larger than me
Establishes life
Gives me the impossible
Anchors my soul in the truth


My wailing turned to dancing
My cry for mercy came true
I’m lifted out of the pit
Favored and Beloved


I give you thanks forever
One day at a time I come
My eyes and heart are open
My mind is captured


Healing always comes
It is God’s precious gifting
To those who believe
Accept His gentle favor
Sit quietly and be loved


Dark times drive me to the light
A surprising thing takes place
When I’m honestly looking
My soul is refreshed


These are my reflections from Psalm 30 looking back over these short seventy-two years. The dark times have driven me to light. Oswald Chambers is full of insights into this secret in his book “My Utmost for His Highest.” All the best to us all as we begin this new year. We are all favored.

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