Move to the Light

January 3, 2015


It is not easy
To be a human being
With all the trouble
With all the failure we share
We inflict on each other


Children suffer most
What they receive they will give
What they hear they speak
These cycles can be broken
A gift from the Son of man


Forgiveness – the miracle
It breaks the cycle of death
Opens the window to joy
Freedom to be you


When there are hard times
I’ll stop and evaluate
And move to the light


No darkness exists
When the light of life is there
The Son of man came
To give life abundantly
He did it being human


The movie “Unbroken” reveals the inhumanity to man. It illuminates the power of forgiveness in the midst of man’s inhumanity to man. Louis Zamperini’s overcoming reveals the greatness in a person who decides to never give up. He discovers the freedom to be Louis Zamperini. The book “Unbroken” reveals the rest of the story of how the move to total inner freedom came from forgiveness – the greatest miracle of his life.   I John in the New Testament tells how to “Move to the Light.”

One Response to “Move to the Light”

  1. Carol Woods said

    So true, forgiveness heals . Hope you feel better! Love to you and C

    Sent from my iPhone


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