Love Pours Down Like Rain

January 5, 2015


I wait in expectation
Morning by morning I seek
To listen to your kind voice
To walk in the light


Those who tell lies crush others
Homes are destroyed, children lose
The safety and love God gave
With two loving souls


No word can we trust
Hearts are full of destruction
Only action speaks


I found a place of refuge
Place I can be glad again
God can restore the real joy
Spread his protection


Those who love your name
Will find a place to rejoice
When we seek a pure heart
Our eyes are opened
Love pours down like the rain
We experience God’s love


Forgiveness from God
Is the greatest gift of all
Then we can forgive
The one we have hurt the most
The offense against our souls


We wounded ourselves
Lied to ourselves and others
Miracles of forgiveness
Comes to those who will repent
Accept God’s love and give it


God will run to receive you
Others will be unable
Celebrate this gift and give
Others time to heal


Reflections from Psalm 5 with awareness of the Father-son relationship in Luke 15.
Your Story Matters

One Response to “Love Pours Down Like Rain”

  1. Carol Woods said

    Thanks for sharing words that inspire and soothe hearts! ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


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