You Are His Delight

January 7, 2015


God searches the minds and hearts
Brings an end to violence
He makes the righteous secure
With forgiving love


Trust in the Lord and do good
Delight yourself in the Lord
The desires of your heart come
As surely as breath


Commit your way to the Lord
Trust in him and he will do this
His life will shine like the dawn
Break forth in your soul


Be still before God
Wait patiently for guidance
Stop all the fretting
It leads only to evil
History tells us this truth


Anger will kill you
The toxic part can destroy
Learn to channel it
By loving your enemy
The first place to start is you


The meek inherit the land
Flourish in relationship
Look to the best interest
Of those closest to you


The result will be peace
That passes understanding
So it is time to grow up
Be responsible
Stop blaming self and others
You hold the key to find life


God will hold you up
I know this is true for sure
I have tasted this
By practicing His Presence
Walking in the light of love


God delights in you
When you believe, wisdom comes
There is a future for you
His kindness and peace
Comes when you trust His love
Surrender all of the lies


These reflections from Psalm 37 come from choosing how I will process this life. There are many views of life one can take. I chose to trust the God David spoke of in the Psalms. As a result I discovered an unshakable life filled with hope in the midst of the worst possible circumstances. Psalms has been like a mother to me over the last fifty years. The promises in this book I have found to be true, practical and life giving beyond words.


My journey is told in the book “Delta Blues From Darkness to Light.”

One Response to “You Are His Delight”

  1. Carol Woods said

    LOVE THIS!! One of your best!! Thanks for sharing! Love y’all ❤️

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