Overcoming Versus Forgiveness

January 9, 2015


Being an over-comer
Is different than healing
Forgiving is the secret
Narrow road to life


Forgiveness can come
When I see my own failure
Anger dissipates


I would like to disappear
And escape the human pain
I find there is no exit
I am powerless


No one can see this
My lot is to be alone
Overcoming doesn’t work
I’ve come to the end
Getting past the hard issues
False sense of nobility


This layer of bitterness
Can stay hidden in the church
These deep personal wounds
Cut me to the core


My soul is wounded
Spiritualizing the problem
Burying the grief
My soul wound has been hidden
Hiding behind the “false self”


I am not strong and noble
I do not have the resources
I can no longer overcome
I need to be free


It will take courage
To face the personal lies
With a mind that’s clear
With personal surrender
With patient love freedom’s born


The journey to authentic forgiveness undoubtedly is the most treacherous path of the human soul. “There is a difference in overcoming wounds and forgiving from the heart.” (Anonymous) I found in surrendering to real love, facing my own humiliating shame with a friend who knows and can point me to a love relationship larger than my “false nobility.” There is freedom I have longed for in this world. It is available to all who seek and discover the patience and love of the mysterious Creator of Life.

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