Good Conversation

January 13, 2015


Good conversation
Is available to all
Who will receive love


One person I will talk to
Is the one who initiates
Who reaches out with kindness
In the little things


This person I discovered
Is willing to listen well
And is full of surprises
Begins in silence


It’s hard to be still
The noise of the “to do” list
Imprisons my soul
And stops me from seeing me
And the one who loves me so


I get sick of me
I’m the root of the problem
The one who loves me says “Stop!”
“Be still and listen”
The God who made you loves you
His only Son gave His life


I decided to trust Him
Take His word rather than mine
Enter this love covenant
Respond to His gift


He gave me His Spirit of Peace
The forgiveness I longed for
Conversation I needed
Based on a promise


This resurrection promise
Has the power to change things
And restore my wounded soul
He knocks at the door


It’s a daily thing
I practice with discipline
A choice I can make


“Behold, I stand at the door”
Is the voice I’ll listen to
I will enter His Presence
And rest in His Love


True words are powerful. They set a person free to be fully alive inside. I train to live from the inside out as a way of life. God, Creator of the Universe made us in His image. He made it clear by the love demonstrated through His Son that we are His priority. Every person counts with God. He always listens and responds uniquely to each person who calls out in response to His Love. I believe with all my heart that you are favored and Beloved. I could be right!

2 Responses to “Good Conversation”

  1. Carol Woods said

    This one touched me right where I am this morning as I study God’s word. Thank you sweet brother for your kind words, words that make me want to seek His word more diligently. You are a blessing! Love you C

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  2. Thank you for sending these to me, Terry!

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