Path to Joy

January 15, 2015


Knowledge is priority
A cheerful heart leads the way
Secret things will come
When love’s received
When I get over myself


Understanding is the path
Your story and the others
To do this I must listen
Search for the wisdom


Insight comes to those
Who seek it with all their heart
Who have the courage to ask
Move outside the box
Of religion and the world
I focused on a person


I sought the counsel
Of those who know how to love
Know how to be still and hear
Not fix me but help
Point to possibilities
Give respect and room to think


Their cheerful look brought me joy
Good news brought health to my bones
Friendship born in acceptance
With laughter and song


I will pursue righteousness
I will hunger for the truth
I will make love my focus
For myself and God


God teaches me how to love
Brings me freedom to be me
Enhances those around me
Surprises with joy


My simple prayer to God is this.


I want to please you
To bring joy and love to you
Be light in the world


These reflections come after reading Psalm 45 and Proverbs 15.

One Response to “Path to Joy”

  1. Carol Woods said

    Always a joy to read what God has given you each day!!!

    Love C

    Sent from my iPhone


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