Secret Treasure

January 17, 2015


The exciting truth
It’s a treasure to be found
If you will but ask
With a heart longing to know
With your soul and mind engaged


We do not know what to ask
Until we get real quiet
That’s when I asked the question
What matters the most


When I look around
Watch the multitude looking
Bringing their passion
It is all about the “doing”
What is it I want “to do”


I am blinded by the doing
Confronted by the results
I discovered this secret
“Who am I” is first


Establish identity
Who are you; why are you here
Answer these questions
Look In the spiritual realm
Consider the unseen first


I’ll live from the inside out
I don’t have to prove my worth
A human being will do
When they know they count


Death is not bigger
Circumstances can’t destroy
Forgiveness will rule
Love overflows for yourself
And power to love others


I know this is true
“Who I am” I hold sacred
A friendship with God
It’s a secret gift of love
It took my best mind to see


I am Beloved.


You know, after fifty-four years of seeking, please consider, “YOU ARE BELOVED.” I write these haiku’s each morning reflecting on the past and looking to the future.   Looking both directions I find joy today.  I believe with honest reflection; seeking a knowledge of what is true; being willing to go outside the box of religion; overcome the arrogance of human pride that a person can find their way to real life and meaning. The Hebrew Scriptures particularly Psalms and Proverbs have mothered and fathered me. The real story of Jesus in the Gospels awakened me to a compassionate and gentle love. I make sure I have time to think each day and refuse to be driven by the “ought to” self doing and just take time “to be.” The treasured secret is this: God’s love is seeking you! I could be right!


2 Responses to “Secret Treasure”

  1. You are right, or I should say God is right to speak through you. Timely words for hearts that won’t rest.

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