Music In My Soul

January 20, 2015


There is music in my soul
I’ve trained to practice basics
My body is the instrument
My soul holds the strings


When the strings get tight
And stress gets unbearable
A surprising sound
When I surrender my soul
Music flows that brings comfort


I draw near to God
A daily practice I’ve found
When I feel good or feel bad
He always comes near
That is the promise he made
One I choose to trust today


The winds on the sea
Can toss the soul all about
The storm and the rain bring grief
I learned this one thing
When I’ve set my sail to seek
The storms have become a gift


This mystery comes
To all and not just a few
Who choose to seek love
To be defined by what’s true
To align the soul with joy


Freedom is the fruit
Peace passes understanding
My mind and heart are captured
Knowledge will illuminate
Hope is born in the darkness


I interviewed a young musician years ago and asked him how he played the instrument so well. He said, “My coach is a concert violinist. Every day she pulls out her instrument and practices the basics until she gets the sound out of the instrument she wants. I do the same.” My instrument is my body. My soul holds the strings. I found the coach of life eager to train me to be loved and love. Psalm 20 holds promises I have found to be true. The music in the Psalms is what I train to practice. All the best!

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