One Definition of God

January 22, 2015


He’s gentle and kind
Like a Mother and Father
All wrapped up in One


My mother left me
Abandoned her four children
She was very sick


God knows the trouble
Each of his children will face
He comes seeking you
My challenge is consider
He called himself “Son of “Man”


Don’t let religion block you
The hypocrisy and lies
The real God loves you dearly
Remember this truth

This definition of God is out of fifty-four years of seeking to know the mind of God through meditation and reflection on His Story. I have chosen to live in response to the mercy and love revealed through the window of His story in the Bible. God’s gentle hand is on you and is close to hear and respond to your deepest needs.


The following poem is an excerpt from the book “A Transplanted Soul” by Charlotte B. Smith


“…..when the Son of Man comes, will he find
faith on the earth.” Luke 18:8


Let that be me, Lord

one who continues to pray
and doesn’t give up
one who keeps my heart
turned toward you
Help that be me, Lord


Let that be my children
and my grandchildren,
my descendants as long
as my line shall last


Let them be found faithful
to the end,
Oh, Lord, that you will find faith on the earth!


This is my prayer, Lord,
that I send up ahead
on their behalf….




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