January 23, 2015


God looks to see if any
Are seeking to understand
Who’re longing to know His heart
Who really love Him


Some people are fools
Many say, “There is no God”
“There is no one who does good”
Fear paralyzes
They are overwhelmed with dread
Restore your people with love


Let me be one who’s seeking
Who walks in the light of love
Who forgives betrayers
One who forgives self


You alone understand me
Your Spirit is comforting
Explains to the Father’s heart
Meets me where I am


Give me your vision
I am larger than my pain
Your love is greater
Than all the circumstances
Your promises restore me


Creator of all
Master of all living things
You know what I need to learn
I sit in silence
Waiting with expectation
I pray you’ll find me watching


Reflections after reading Psalm 23, 53 and 83 as I consider the world I live today, January 23, 2015.


Dedicated to my friend, Rick Healy who is a “Seeker.”

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