The Father’s Touch

January 24, 2015


What do I yearn for
Where does my heart go when still
I will seek your face
When you appear I’ll see your face
I have set my heart on you


My weaknesses still cry out
The sadness-es all around
So many lost in nothing
My inner soul weeps


The little sparrow
Finds a place to rest and sleep
God knows what is happening
I’ll praise His greatness
Enter into communion
With my Father who loves me


You’re my sun and shield
Light to find my way today
Protection from enemies
Angels to attend
To all those who will trust you
Who seek you with all their heart


Your power’s displayed
You do the impossible
When you are trusted
You surprise with your answer
Light comes, love’s demonstrated


Trust takes away fear
Anxieties are dispelled
I’m surprised by joy
Your living presence reveals
A Father in touch with you


There is no trouble
That he does not understand
And promises to take action
Of all the voices
I can choose who I will trust
A gift from the Father’s touch


I have fallen many times
Failed to trust, done it my way
Suffered the consequences
Felt desperation


I arise with His Spirit
Renewed by Eternal Love
Accepted, forgiveness given
Live today in peace


Reflections after reading Psalm 24, 54, 84, 114 and Proverbs 24. Sarah Young speaks to the promises in the pain in her book “Jesus Calling.”

2 Responses to “The Father’s Touch”

  1. The next to last stanza really resonated with me. How many times do I have to grin and bear it? I identify with Paul. The good I know to do I do not do. As he told his friend Timothy, grace teaches me to say no to ungodliness.

    What a blessing it is to know you my friend. Thank you many times over.

  2. Reblogged this on The Real Daniel and commented:
    The next to last stanza really resonated with me. May the entire poem wash over you as the words of Christ wash over you through my friend Terry.

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