Gift of Forgiveness

January 31, 2015


Looking back I see
The blind spots in my own life
Born of ignorance
Then the intentional wrongs
They can be overwhelming


The blind spots are important
Learning points to remember
Because they are there I see
The damage I’ve done


I’m responsible
For the suffering of those
Given to my care
Children, family and friends
I found forgiveness with God


To face the truth about myself
Is a surprising gift to all
When love becomes the focus
And forgiveness reigns


I forgive myself
God chose to forgive my sins
My heart was broken
When I saw the price he paid
Incomprehensible love


I’ve sought forgiveness
From those I know I have hurt
From those I don’t know
I pray God covers us both
With gentleness and mercy


In stillness I come
I am focused on His love
With no one but God
I draw near seeking His mind
And I discover His heart


He has favored me
Claimed me as “His Beloved”
This promise given to all
Is sealed with His blood
Established by resurrection
Embraced by trust in His words


I practiced feeding this truth by reflecting on the words given in the Psalms this morning. Psalm 31, 91 and 121. The judgment of my own heart is so great that if I don’t establish who I trust in the morning I am manipulated by my worldview and the worldview of others who also hide behind the noise in the heart.

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