A Secret Hope

February 17, 2015


I can’t live off yesterday
The past can condemn my soul
My failures can overwhelm
I need a fresh start


Depression sets in
I cry out in my despair
My soul languishes


Although the good memories
Are there to console my soul
The judgment of my heart is strong
I look for relief


A drink, a song or a good joke
Can distract me from the pain
Lying down I remember
The noise of judgment


I arise to fill my life
With something to stop the noise
These things only medicate
They’re temporary


My search landed in the Psalms
With a King who failed his God
His family and his friends
He despaired for life


He discovered the secret
The unfailing love of God
Who forgives all those who come
Desperate for hope


The reflections were born out of meditation in response to Psalm 17, 47, 77, 107 and 127. If any of you would like to hear an audio reading of some of these Psalms, then message me your cell phone number and I will send it to you if you have a phone that receives audio. All the best!


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