His Best “Yes”

February 23, 2015

He gave His best “Yes”
It is always “Yes” with Him
Surprised by the joy


I remember that big day
I recognized His passion
His personal love for me


Fourteen and a half
Touched deeply by His great Love
I wept as I saw it
Hot tears flowed from my dark eyes
Cleansed and brought me into light


No one can fathom
Words cannot express my heart
Compassion captured my soul
One man gave it all
My mind riveted on Him
Father never let me go


Thirty thousand feet
Flying to Jerusalem
Remembering what happened
I’m still overwhelmed
Just fifty-eight years later
With inexpressible love


I am going into darkness
I know I will find the light
Among the broken and hurting
That is where He lives


The reason I am going to Jerusalem today is to attend a conference dedicated to being with those who have been victimized by terror in the Middle East. But those who are attending are coming from all over the world to meet with those searching for that pinhole of light that leads to the joy. The reflections of the day are coming out of Psalm 22. – A Psalm of David. God never took His eyes off of His Son.

One Response to “His Best “Yes””

  1. Carol Woods said

    Peace sweet brother. Love you

    Sent from my iPhone


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