My Desire

February 25, 2015


As I prepare to enter the soul country of the lives broken by terror the Psalmist led me to write my response to these Psalms. 25, 55, 85, 115 and 145. Slow down and listen to the unseen voice of the Maker of the Heavens and the earth and get in touch with “Your Desire.”


My desire is to bring you
My life, my soul, my passion
Show me and teach me your ways
Guide me in your truth


You’re the healer of my soul
Lifted me out of the pit
Quenched my thirsty soul
In quiet I come


When I am silent
I remember my failures
My weaknesses I ponder
I hunger for you
You receive me with kindness
Your mercies draw me to you


When I draw near you
You always come with your joy
Incomprehensible love
Rooted in history
Promises that never fail


I choose to believe
This revelation of love
Confronts us humans
Who wander in wilderness
Looking for the face of God


I found the freedom
To live spontaneously
Meditate and consider
Accept my failures
And the failure of others
See through eyes of compassion


it’s fun to be free
To know I have the freedom
To choose what makes sense
Many voices are calling
I found one I can trust


The past affirms this
The present brings me His peace
The future I celebrate
Eyes opened by the Spirit
To see the unseen as the Real


One Response to “My Desire”

  1. Carol Woods said

    Thank you Lord for the inspiration He gives you to put into words thoughts that touch my heart so deeply and tenderly. Praying for you and your journey. Love you C

    Sent from my iPhone


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