Charlotte and Terry

Charlotte and Terry


I remember when I saw her
Briskly walking approaching
With an energy and joy
Her greeting was electric
My soul leapt surprised by joy
I wanted to know her name
They called her “Charlotte”
It was a rainy evening
I was walking behind her
I gave up my umbrella
I asked her for cover
She was kind and receiving
I bought her an ice cream cone
Then walked her back to the dorm
Graciously said “Bye”
The thing that impressed me most
She was kind to everyone
I was looking for someone
Who reflected love
I wanted to be her friend
Friendship does not make demands
Nor does it try to possess
It gives with no strings attached
We would laugh a lot
Our hearts felt lighter and free
We both had the same focus
A love larger than us
written October 18, 2008
for my beautiful wife

my parents

August 14, 2009

They were too young to marry
Nineteen and sixteen
With so little direction
Stuck adolescents
No tools to navigate life
No compass to guide them well
No awareness of the sail
Tossed on open seas
When the storms of life hit hard
Bad decisions sunk the ship
The children thrown overboard
Confused and alone
The mother was lost at sea
The father stayed close to help
Giving all he had to care
Relatives helped with love
Survival became my way
Tossing on the sea of pain
With no words to speak the shame
Desperate for love
Looking back I see the light
Of God’s love surrounding me
Meeting every need
Keeping me safe and secure
Helping me survive the storm
written January 19, 2009
My Dad
I grew up hearing his stories
but not this story
of being forgotten
his mother left him many times
before the final leaving
she took her children to the movie theatre
(age seven, five, and four)
leaving them there alone
choosing wine and party
they waited hours after the movie
for her to remember and return
a kind man had compassion
and waited with them
my heart travels to the past
and breaks
for the loneliness,
the pain,
the future abandonment
waiting around the corner
looking at them
I can see their future
I know the amazing things
they will accomplish
because they will be captured
by One who rescues hearts
written August 11-12, 2009


July 5, 2009


This morning I shucked the corn

I stood amazed at each ear

It was all a perfect fit

How did that happen


We will have a good dinner

We will taste how good it is

The taste buds are amazing

How did that happen


The laughter at the table

Will come from the food and love

Family that cares and gives

How did that happen


The little children talking

Running all around the room

Feeling the safety and love

How did that happen


The secret is what matters

A love beyond our thinking

Comes from deep within our lives

How did that happen


We are here to celebrate

The life of one dearly loved

Who is special to us all

Her name is Missy


Missy was born on this day

Just thirty-nine years ago

It was on a Sunday morn

Love entered our life


There is wisdom in a child

Her eyes were large and deep blue

I knew that she was special

Delight to my eyes


My view was transformed

She quickly changed my life here

Giving us pure joy


His love made it happen


written July 5, 2009

for my daughter Missy


Our Dad’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009

Terry Smith’s daughters have hijacked his blog for Father’s Day.
Our Dad is like….
a cool stream giving a drink to weary travelers
a lamp giving light
a salt shaker giving flavor to food
Our Dad…
refreshes others as he himself has been refreshed
listens and loves unconditionally
is merciful and kind
Thank you, Dad, for caring about the little details of our lives.
We love you and enjoy being in your presence. 
You radiate peace.