A fresh spring of joy
Rivers of living water
Come pouring down on our lives
His living presence
Coming in the little things
Making us aware of love

I rise seeking God
Out my window it is dark
The breaking of dawn
Calls me to remember this
God is waiting to be praised

I will wait on God
I seek Him with all my heart
I ask His gracious Spirit
Make your words my joy
With my mind engaged I come
Help me be ready to act

The following comes from the reading of Luke 24:13-25 and Henri Nouwen’s reflections on Jesus meeting the two on the road to Emmaus.  Henri Nouwen structures the five movements in this conversation: loss, presence, invitation, communion and mission.  He identifies these as the five main aspects of the Eucharist celebration.

This is a movement 
“Resentment to gratitude”
“Hardened heart to grateful heart”
Invited to come
Experience and affirm
His living presence with us

I will celebrate 
This movement in my body
The temple of God
The miracle of God’s choice
To live and dwell in my soul

Jesus is walking by you
Just as he did on the road
They did not recognize Him
Open our eyes, Lord

Their eyes were downcast
He asked “What are you thinking?”
They spoke the truth they could see
Despair ruled their hearts
Their dream was shattered
When Jesus spoke their hearts burned
But still they could not see Him

They listened to history
He explained from the prophets
This story that they were in
And about Himself
He prayed and he broke the bread
God comes to us in prayer

I know I’m like them
Circumstances will dictate
Unless I learn this lesson
When I pray He comes
My eyes are opened with faith
I choose who I will believe

I come this morning
The dawn is breaking today
You know my story
And thankfully I know yours
Let the light of life shine through

I will go forth with a message
A friendship available
Given to all who believe
Help me make you known

I pray you all are aware today that God is near you, and that you receive the gift of His presence, just as the two on the road to Emmaus had their eyes opened.  When you pray, God will open your eyes.  You will remember how your hearts burned when He walked beside you, when you were unaware of the reality of His kind presence.

Merry Christmas, blessings and peace.
With love,
Terry and Charlotte
December 24, 2011
Dedicated to the Servants of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee
For “A Christmas Eve Story” from my past
 click here

Receive Divine Love

December 13, 2011

Suffering does have a purpose
Though it hurts beyond words
When you are falsely accused
And you choose to love

Forgiveness – a choice I make
A painful process I know
Son of Man and Son of God
One who shows me how

He endured the pain
All the rejection and shame
Physical, emotional
The loss of all family
Left alone to die for me

The question of faith
Each must give their own answer
I know the story
I’m reminded this season
When I sing “O Holy Night”

I fall on my knees
His story touches my soul
Takes me to the heart of God
Embraces the pain
Gives me the power to love
And forgive those who wronged me

You hear the invitation
To come and rest in His peace
To drink the living water
Receive Divine Love

I seek the silence
When I am quiet I hear
The quiet whisper
Of a love larger than me
Embracing my soul with joy

© Terry S. Smith
December 9, 2011
Inspired by the song “O Holy Night”, sung by David Phelps, (sent to me by Jerry Dantone, a high school friend), and reflections from the first letter Peter wrote in the New Testament. 

Little baby born in love

December 11, 2011

What will change our eyes to see
The magnitude of His grace
Little baby born in love
Became one of us
I want my children
And all of my grandchildren
To know this amazing love
Please send your angels
Attend to each one
May they experience You
And awaken to Your Joy
Another baby is coming
Olivia Margaret
And Preston was born on this day
Just eight years ago
Who will teach their eyes to see
The magnitude of His grace
Little babies born in love
Learn to live from us
© Terry S. Smith
December 11, 2011
This poem is dedicated to my grandchildren.  “The man who fears God, his children’s children will be blessed.”  This promise is yours:  Sydney, Wallace, Aubrey-Anne, Preston, Sterling, Maia, Peter, Isaac, Averil, and Olivia, who will arrive any day now!

Each Breath a Gift

August 20, 2011

Faithful in the little things
Integrity is a must
Humility and wisdom
In response to love
I have no power
I cannot secure my life
I came from the dust
Each breath I take is a gift
The love I receive treasured
My heart beats with joy untold
An unfailing love
There is no trouble
No death or desperation
Christ has not dealt with
Knowledge is the key
Faith opens the lock to joy
Practice His Presence
Perseverance will secure
Obedience to the love
He will rescue you
From fear and anxiety
This is a promise He gave
A clear decision
That I get to make each day
I come hungry to know Him
God delights in you
It’s beyond understanding
I know that it’s true
I have learned through practicing
Being a seeker of truth
I’ve tasted the fruit
Of seeking a righteous life
Although I have failed many times
Each time I have learned
The friendship only deepens
Forgiveness is the miracle
Compassion and gentleness
I discovered in silence
Focus on this teacher’s heart
Captured by His mind
Terry S. Smith
August 11, 2011
Meditation on Proverbs 11; Psalm 25; 17.

Awakening to Love

July 4, 2011

My soul in the dust
Your words can revive me
Teach me your ways
Create in me a hunger
To know you and follow you
Let me grasp your real presence
Meditate on your wonder
My grief is overwhelming
I sit in despair
No one seems to care
An obstacle many face
Where are my friends
Is there anyone to see
The brokenness of my soul
I have found there’s only one
Who sees me and knows me well
A mysterious treasure
Let your love break through
Your law has become my joy
It reveals deliverance
It is sweet like the honey
On the honeycomb
Jesus fulfilled the law
Entered the depth of my pain
Made it possible to see
The heart of my God
He sends the Holy Spirit
To comfort in my weakness
Give power when I’m afraid
Renew the Father’s love
Hold me when I cannot move
Speak for me when I cannot speak
Secure me in my deepest place
Just be still, let go
A decision I can make
When I sit in unbelief
I can choose to believe him
One who chose to love
Remember the times
Meditate on his story
Consider his love
It is personal to you
Just come to him as you are
I’ll run to your commands
For they have set my heart free
“I bind myself to do your will”
I will choose your love
© Terry S. Smith
June 28, 2011
The line in quotations is from The Abbey Psalter of Psalm 119:25-32.
Written after meditating on Psalm 119.


April 23, 2011

To read the true story this poem is based on click here.


Mary and Martha

Their hope did not come

When they wanted Him to come

They were grieving and broken


Jesus disappointed them

He did not come when they called

He did come with a surprise

With power and love


He came to them right on time

To teach them new things of God

They knew He was their good friend

They knew He was God


“Your brother will rise to life”

His presence revealed this truth

He wept when He saw Mary

He knew her name well


Yes, He knows your name

He also weeps for you now

He knows your story and your grief

He is here for you


He asked for Mary

She heard Martha whispering

“The teacher is calling you”

To come and see Him


He is calling you

Do you hear His whispering

His voice can be heard

Use both heart and mind

And focus on His story


Dedicated to our special family friend Michelle.

First posted on my daughter Sara’s blog “A Spacious Place”.   

The heart of God

November 8, 2010

I see the heart of God
His passion overwhelms me
His despair was a choice he made
His heart turned to wax
It melted away in him
He felt no one heard his cry
He was poured out like water
He was all alone
He had no strength left
He lay in the dust of death
He was thirsty and broken
He cried out for help
People stared at him
Dogs surrounded his body
The lions came to devour
He was overwhelmed
I will not forsake my God
He did not despise my shame
He has seen my suffering
Not hidden his face
He heard me crying out for help
I’ll honor him with my life
The poor will eat and find rest
And be satisfied
I’ll kneel before him
One who chose to be like me
Proclaim him to those unborn
To my grandchildren
And their children I will speak
Our God, forever is love
© Terry S. Smith
November 5, 2010
Written while sitting by the fire, early in the morning, choosing to meditate on Psalms 20-25.

Fountain of Life

October 24, 2010

The fountain of life
Is for those who choose to hear
The One who gives life
Accept his unfailing love
Drink deeply from his presence
Extravagant love
Demonstrated and given
Yours to accept
Remember the story
Practice what he modeled here
Daily he drew near to God
And loved the wounded
Those who came to him seeking
Receiving his gentle touch
It is in giving
That you receive his blessing
Trusting that he has given
All his love to you
You must practice perceiving
Hearing his voice in silence
Renewed in mind
Accept that you are chosen
Beloved and holy
Then be clothed with compassion
Kindness and humility
Forgive offenses
As you have been forgiven
And above all love
It holds all things together
Let God’s peace rule your heart now
© Terry S. Smith
October 14, 2010
Written after meditating on Colossians 3, John 15, and Proverbs 14.  I am also reading Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer. 

Extravagant love

August 31, 2010


My voice is silenced

With this massive loss of Liz

I have no language


I need words of hope

I’m searching for the voices

That will speak the truth


Liz LaVelle’s life speaks!

She is God’s voice to us today

Her life rings out with passion!

Spontaneous joy!

Our hearts are grieved beyond words

Comfort those nearest and dear


One voice comes with Power

One voice speaks to death’s darkness

One voice with authority

“You will never die!”


Today we don’t grieve for Liz,

We grieve for us, our great loss

She lives, we’ll see her again

How do we go on now?


We draw near to You

You have sought us and found us

Broken and seeking


There is one who comes

I cannot explain this love

It’s bigger than death

The words of Jesus bring life

Breathe hope into my spirit


To Liz’s precious family:

You will see Liz face to face

Jesus keeps His promises

Let him comfort you


To Liz’s friends:

Let Liz’s life be remembered

Let her voice be heard by all

God is real…and He loves you!

His love is extreme


Christ lives in the human heart

Little children saw God’s face

As Liz loved, touched, and cherished

She saw the children

God’s gentleness calls

All of us to stop and think,

What really matters?


Liz knew what mattered

Her cup was full of His joy

Her life invites us

To arise and say, “thank you”

Love God, and one another


Liz’s word to all of us:

Do not weep for me

I cannot come to you now,

You can come to me

Let God’s Spirit comfort you

Draw near each day to His heart


Extravagant love

He always keeps His promise

Please accept this treasured gift

Then give it away

Joy comes in obeying Him

Love each other as God loves


Please see the children

The ones who’ve been abandoned

God is here to comfort you

Raise you up in love


Terry S. Smith

August 31, 2010


Be still

August 2, 2010


Be still and know that God exists

He entered the world of pain

Became human, faced our shame

And said, “I forgive you.”


No sweeter words I have heard

Expressed with great compassion

There is One who understands

Who loves and forgives


He understands the deep pain

As the Father gave His Son

Was silent when they killed him

Sacrifice of love


He is closer than the blood

That is flowing through your veins

He is the air that you breathe

You’re held in His hands



When I cannot sleep

I will arise and weep with

A friend who will never leave

I know this by faith

It’s become certain and sure

His promise always restores


I will meditate

I’ll choose my focus today

I am worn out with groaning

My tears fill my bed

And I drench my couch with tears

My eyes grow weak with sorrow



The Lord hears my cry

He accepts my weak prayers

There is no language to speak

Unspeakable loss

I can only surrender

To the one who understands


Terry S. Smith

August 2, 2010

Meditations written after reading Psalm 1–8, Proverbs 2, and Romans 8.  Dedicated to the LaVelle Family.


inadequate words

July 29, 2010

My heart is broken
The depth of loss, no language
My dear friends suffer
The loss of their precious child
I cannot fathom their pain
Please come and comfort
Helpless, hurt, grieving and stunned
Surround them with hope
We now see and are aware
Only you, Jesus, can speak
Jesus was angry
His response expressed in tears
Then he acted with power
He raised Lazarus
And he will raise your daughter
Let God’s Spirit come
Hold you, comfort you, secure you
In ways that only he knows
That you need him now
He is the air you breathe
His presence brings us comfort
Our hearts are deeply grieved at the news of the death of twenty-year-old Liz LaVelle.  On July 28, 2010 while driving to Nashville, she was in a fatal car wreck.  My words are inadequate, so I turn to the One who is big enough to help bring comfort, hope, and a promise of resurrection.
The above meditations were written after reading Psalm 145, 146, Proverbs 29, “My Utmost of for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers, and John 11.
Terry S. Smith
July 29, 2010

examined soul

June 9, 2010

Love beyond measure
Revealed in the life of a man
Needs to be examined
His words are flawless
They are filled with compassion
Bringing peace to the broken
Lonely and oppressed
A love that’s demonstrated
No one can compare
With the brilliance of his life
He knew how to think and love
The scholars marveled
The religious were tied in knots
The children ran to meet him
An examined soul
One that’s both loved and hated
One that seeks justice
One that seeks mercy for those
Made in the image of God
© Terry S. Smith
June 3, 2010

Rich Relationships

April 5, 2010


My relationships are rich

Because I listen today

To one who loves me deeply

Friendship born in tears


I have just one voice

That captures all of my thoughts

I hesitate to name him

Misconceptions blind


My feelings deny

The reality of love

I will use my mind


I have a good friend

I know his story the best

His teachings have saved my life

I awake hungry

To listen to his kind voice

On Jesus’ words I reflect


I know this takes faith

I put my mind in gear

Examine his story well

I choose to trust him


Who are the happy

They are the powerless ones

Who admit they’re wrong

They begin to grieve losses

And discover real comfort


I found out what matters most

I learned it from the teacher

Nothing is more important

Than human beings


Unquenchable fire

Ignited by a life well lived

He defeated death itself

Calls me to follow

To love God as He loves me

To see and love others well


I have had thousands of people share their story with me.  The ones that thrive emotionally are the ones who have a foundation of faith.

© Terry S. Smith

April 4, 2010


April 1, 2010

Joy is not sentimental
It is a gift to be received
A vision to hold onto

It has a basis
A foundation that is true
A treasure hidden

It is lived in a story
Of one who modeled the path
With the joy set before him
He endured the pain

No one escapes the suffering
Each person has a story
We all have a choice to make
How we will react

When I am under pressure
Or I am tempted to do wrong
I have trained my eyes to see
I focus on joy

The fruit of this discipline
I can tell you after the years
Has been a surprising thing
Joy personified

I receive the help
When helpless I have cried out
Joy was discovered

© Terry S. Smith


February 4, 2010

Where can I find the knowledge
To live a life that is full
The answers are not easy
I need real wisdom

What are my questions
They are formed in quietness
I listen for them

Nature speaks to me
The birds, trees and animals
Speak of higher love
This knowledge makes me bow down
I am in awe of this world

Nature has order
It is not so with mankind
What is the problem
A basic question answered
This one I have studied well

Discipline and honesty
I have sought to know what’s true
My responsibility
To search and find where is peace
I have been surprised by joy

Jesus Christ has made God known
Compassion and gentleness
To the broken and lonely
His love was revealed

The truth just tastes good
When you hear it you know it
It has a clear ring

It meets all the tests
Bigger than circumstances
Much larger than death
It must be worth dying for
The ones important to me

My standard is high
This truth will enhance each life
It guarantees  growth
Knowledge is what I’m seeking
About personality
Jesus became my focus
I studied his life
© Terry S. Smith
February 1, 2010
Today is my daughter Sara’s birthday.  You are invited to read funny things that my grandchildren say on her blog.
“A Spacious Place”