Overcoming Pain

May 28, 2011


I live in a the world of real suffering.  People hurt one another.  Parents fail children.  Children fail parents. Husbands fail wives.  Wives fail husbands.  Friends fail friends.  How does one recover when one gets it in the neck?  We all experience massive losses.  The only choice I have is how I will respond to the false things in others and the false things in me.  


The following represents thoughts I have learned that have helped me get back up and never give up no matter what happens.  The one relationship I have come to trust is the relationship where love was made real by God.  God defined himself in His son who chose to become nothing, chose to die, and defeated death.  He invites us to come and find comfort from him when betrayal has marked our lives.  I commend these thoughts to my friends to take heart when in deep pain.  God is near to comfort, bless, and help you overcome your greatest losses. 

I will blame no one

A truth I have learned

It’s a waste of time

Generations fail

It’s the empty way I’m handed

No one will escape

The question is “What will I do?”

I’ll choose bitterness or life

I’ll not live in fear

It is a theif in the night

Comes unexpected

And I’m not ready to fight

Fear robs one of His presence

I’m the only one

Who decides how I’ll respond

With vengance or love

With judgment or with kindness

Judgment will belong to God

It is a relief

That someone knows all the truth

His mercy will reign

He knows just how you see it

He knows what you do not know

Moments when we are tested

There is always room to fail

God’s love will not shift on you

He is not like us

I will give mercy

To my greatest enemy

As God gave mercy to me

I will give away

It is who I want to be

His Spirit will give me love


© Terry S. Smith
May 27, 2011 

The Unseen Gift

May 2, 2011

Help me understand
What it means to fear God
To have a knowledge of God
Do not be afraid
His gentleness and kindness
Will teach you to stand in awe
His Divine Power
Will provide all of your needs
Magnificent promises
Will restore your joy
You will escape corruption
Your life will be filled with hope
The Lord gives wisdom
You will hunger for knowledge
Your faith will increase
Self-control will mark your life
Forgiveness and love controls
What is right and just
Faithfulness and loyalty
Integrity above all
Lived with compassion
It’s speaking the truth in love
This takes practice and training
I do just one thing
As I rise in the morning
I seek to listen
To the voice that brings me joy
Twenty-four seven He loves
Understanding guards my life
I’ve discovered the secret
This secret found me seeking
I’m never alone
It’s an unseen gift
By faith I have discovered
A love without end
Faith, goodness, knowledge
Practicing what I have learned
Has given me hope
I will persevere and train
And I will never give up
No one can deny
When they’ve experienced love
It changes the way I look
At myself and at the world
©Terry S. Smith
Meditations written after reading Proverbs 2, Psalm 121,

Fountain of Life

October 24, 2010

The fountain of life
Is for those who choose to hear
The One who gives life
Accept his unfailing love
Drink deeply from his presence
Extravagant love
Demonstrated and given
Yours to accept
Remember the story
Practice what he modeled here
Daily he drew near to God
And loved the wounded
Those who came to him seeking
Receiving his gentle touch
It is in giving
That you receive his blessing
Trusting that he has given
All his love to you
You must practice perceiving
Hearing his voice in silence
Renewed in mind
Accept that you are chosen
Beloved and holy
Then be clothed with compassion
Kindness and humility
Forgive offenses
As you have been forgiven
And above all love
It holds all things together
Let God’s peace rule your heart now
© Terry S. Smith
October 14, 2010
Written after meditating on Colossians 3, John 15, and Proverbs 14.  I am also reading Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer. 

burdens lifted

October 13, 2010

How can God speak
If we are not listening
Stop the noise and hear
He brought thousands through
A painful great wilderness
He fed, clothed, and sheltered them
Disciplined and loved
Remember and consider
His faithfulness and mercy
There is more to the story
More information for you
More love than you can fathom
A living presence
He sets the lonely
In the family they need
He does the choosing
He leads the prisoners in song
He demonstrates that love
Find a good place of silence
Get alone and stop the noise
You comfort the wounded child
Take him/her to Jesus
For forty-nine years
Have I chosen to seek Him
The Spirit, my counselor
My friend and my guide
Have never let go of me
I felt discipline and love
It’s painful when I look back
To see how blind that I was
He carried me through the darkness
Abandoned; afraid
Today I sit in wonder
Focused and hungry to know
I choose to listen to God
Not the wounded child
My faith is in Him
The One who spoke and acted
With undying love
He daily bears my burden
A promise that I have seen
This promise has restored me 
“I’ll never leave you”
Depressed and oppressed
He comes in loving kindness
To lift the burden
My peace I will give to you
If you will only receive
© Terry S. Smith
October 13, 2010
Meditations written after reflecting on Psalms 68; John 15; Colossians 3 and Matthew 11:28-30.
Dedicated to Rick and Terry Healy

Refreshing drink

May 21, 2010

Wisdom is a gift
It remains precious treasure
I will ask for it
Do right and be kind
Life and honor are the result
Basic truth of life
The tongue and the mouth
They both can bring much trouble
Or refresh the soul
The unseen is real
There’re streams of living water
Come to the fountain
A good listener
Can discern the false language
They will give thought to their ways
They will see the good
Value the person they meet
Offer the person safety
I can feel your compassion
My imagination sings
With the knowledge that I know
The dance of joy calls
I know steadfast love
A discovery I found
A process entered
From desperation
Searching for some real answers
That are relevant and true
I am well watered
In quiet meditation
I drink deeply of a love
What I know that I have found
Is a life well lived in joy
© Terry S. Smith
May 21, 2010
Written after meditating on Proverbs 21 and Psalms 101-103.


May 10, 2010

From the heart I say “Thank you”
Simple words but full of love
I will not take for granted 
Dear acts of kindness
A smile with understanding
A tear filled with compassion
A hug that’s pure and loving
Your gentle presence
Gratitude is the gift
I offer you from my heart
Thanksgiving that’s overflowing
For friendship and love
You are my refuge and strength
A presence that does not shift
© Terry S. Smith
May 10, 2010
These words were written after meditating on the thoughts of two Hebrew kings (David and Solomon).  Many acts of kindness and love are being shown because of the Nashville flood.

Rich Relationships

April 5, 2010


My relationships are rich

Because I listen today

To one who loves me deeply

Friendship born in tears


I have just one voice

That captures all of my thoughts

I hesitate to name him

Misconceptions blind


My feelings deny

The reality of love

I will use my mind


I have a good friend

I know his story the best

His teachings have saved my life

I awake hungry

To listen to his kind voice

On Jesus’ words I reflect


I know this takes faith

I put my mind in gear

Examine his story well

I choose to trust him


Who are the happy

They are the powerless ones

Who admit they’re wrong

They begin to grieve losses

And discover real comfort


I found out what matters most

I learned it from the teacher

Nothing is more important

Than human beings


Unquenchable fire

Ignited by a life well lived

He defeated death itself

Calls me to follow

To love God as He loves me

To see and love others well


I have had thousands of people share their story with me.  The ones that thrive emotionally are the ones who have a foundation of faith.

© Terry S. Smith

April 4, 2010

A flourishing life

February 22, 2010

What is it you want
Give language to your desires
Plan accordingly
I have learned to dream
Bring discipline to my plan
Seek, listen, write and respond
I’ll pay attention
Choose your mentors well
Make them the best that you know
Then do what they do
I have learned to ask for help
Before I act, not after
Decide to do good
Back that goodness with knowledge
Aim at self-control
Perseverance is a must
Look with wonder at your world
Be kind to those you meet
In the presence of others
Give your utmost respect
It is sacred ground
After kindness give your love
If you will practice these things
You will discover real life
Relationships flourish
© Terry S. Smith
February 13, 2010
For my grandson Peter, on his fifth birthday.

Gentle in failure

December 26, 2009


I’m always learning

I will be mindful of you

Of the things you say


It will be my intention

To pay attention to you

To maintain an attitude

Of love and kindness


My focus is important

On what holds life together

What motivates me each day

On what matters most


I’ll be gentle in failure

With you and all those around

I have learned a basic truth

You get what you give


© Terry S. Smith

December 26, 2009

Would you be willing?

November 4, 2009

Would you be willing
To begin again each day
And see through new eyes
Would you be willing
To listen to the people
Who say you hurt them
Would you be willing
To ask them to forgive you
For whatever is your part
Not to be defensive
To let them know you accept
Your responsibility
Would you be willing
To declare your intentions
And admit your faults
Would you be willing
To choose to be kind
Even when you’re hurt
Would you be willing
To not judge motivation
And forgive freely
Would you be willing
To accept amazing love
To know that you are forgiven
And cherished by One
Who knows all of your story
And delights in your presence
© Terry S. Smith
written November 4, 2009

light into darkness

October 29, 2009

Bringing light into darkness
Letting kindness be the rule
Gentleness and compassion
From a higher love
Relationships will suffer
Until anger is addressed
Honestly and sincerely
In a timely way
I still have many questions
But now I know what matters
I want to know how to love
Myself and others
© Terry S. Smith
written October 29, 2009

Intentional kindness

September 9, 2009

Laughter is a good life sign
Good cheer is right medicine
For those we meet on the way
Lightness brings the light
Weep with those who weep
Be fully present with joy
And give peace where it is needed
Presence is power
Learn to live in the moment
Give intentional kindness
Your life is lived in a day
That is all we have
Remembering the past days
Can help us live now
Learn from your experience
Learn also from other’s lives
Awareness is most helpful
Create internal space
© Terry S. Smith
written October 27, 2008


There were feelings of no hope

I sank in despair

In silence I ceased striving

Be quiet, be still; love comes


Real truth is experienced

It cuts through to all levels

The mind, heart and soul reflected

Light breaks through darkness


There is a secret

Where a person does begin

The first step is just simply

Be responsible

For how you think and act

You will find the right questions


I have learned life is not fair

I have no control of you

I will decide who I’ll be

I choose to be kind


© Terry Smith

written August 31, 2009