Fountain of Life

October 24, 2010

The fountain of life
Is for those who choose to hear
The One who gives life
Accept his unfailing love
Drink deeply from his presence
Extravagant love
Demonstrated and given
Yours to accept
Remember the story
Practice what he modeled here
Daily he drew near to God
And loved the wounded
Those who came to him seeking
Receiving his gentle touch
It is in giving
That you receive his blessing
Trusting that he has given
All his love to you
You must practice perceiving
Hearing his voice in silence
Renewed in mind
Accept that you are chosen
Beloved and holy
Then be clothed with compassion
Kindness and humility
Forgive offenses
As you have been forgiven
And above all love
It holds all things together
Let God’s peace rule your heart now
© Terry S. Smith
October 14, 2010
Written after meditating on Colossians 3, John 15, and Proverbs 14.  I am also reading Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer. 

burdens lifted

October 13, 2010

How can God speak
If we are not listening
Stop the noise and hear
He brought thousands through
A painful great wilderness
He fed, clothed, and sheltered them
Disciplined and loved
Remember and consider
His faithfulness and mercy
There is more to the story
More information for you
More love than you can fathom
A living presence
He sets the lonely
In the family they need
He does the choosing
He leads the prisoners in song
He demonstrates that love
Find a good place of silence
Get alone and stop the noise
You comfort the wounded child
Take him/her to Jesus
For forty-nine years
Have I chosen to seek Him
The Spirit, my counselor
My friend and my guide
Have never let go of me
I felt discipline and love
It’s painful when I look back
To see how blind that I was
He carried me through the darkness
Abandoned; afraid
Today I sit in wonder
Focused and hungry to know
I choose to listen to God
Not the wounded child
My faith is in Him
The One who spoke and acted
With undying love
He daily bears my burden
A promise that I have seen
This promise has restored me 
“I’ll never leave you”
Depressed and oppressed
He comes in loving kindness
To lift the burden
My peace I will give to you
If you will only receive
© Terry S. Smith
October 13, 2010
Meditations written after reflecting on Psalms 68; John 15; Colossians 3 and Matthew 11:28-30.
Dedicated to Rick and Terry Healy

a place of peace

September 20, 2010


You will feel better

When you choose a cheerful heart

It’s good medicine


Circumstances will rob you

If you let them control you

Others make expectations

You must meet their needs


How absurd is this

To make you responsible

To meet all their needs


If you cover an offense

You promote genuine love

If the matter’s repeated

Separation comes


A person of knowledge

Will measure words carefully

Stay even tempered

Understanding will guide you 

A loving presence brings life


I will hold my tongue

Pay attention to others

Listen carefully

I am choosing to respond

To love when misunderstood


I will not react

This is the way of a fool

A way I have lived


There’s a place of peace

That passes understanding

That’s bigger than death


Christ has arisen

He offers each one his peace

Forgiveness and love


Do not be afraid

There is no reason for fear

You’re beloved by God


© Terry S. Smith

September 17, 2010

Meditations written after reading Proverbs 17 and John 15.

Indescribable peace

July 6, 2010


I will help others

The way I was helped

My strength was wasted

Resulting in my “burn out”

I could not save my own life


A love much larger than me

Intervened and came seeking

Indescribable peace

Anointed me with joy

© Terry S. Smith
July 2, 2010

a place of peace

May 4, 2010

The rain keeps coming
My basement filled with water
Many things destroyed
I write from a place of peace
There is a storm raging outside
The one that is within is calm
A storm calmed by love
I’ve learned to be still
A training I’ve developed
In quiet, love speaks
Each person must stand alone
In their quest to find this peace
We can’t depend on others
For what we must do
Healthy connection
Comes when we honestly search
And face the dark side
The part of us we don’t like
Transform the dark with the light
Peace has many benefits
The spontaneous laughter
The ability to weep
Yes, feel your feelings
©Terry S. Smith
May 2, 2010
written during the Nashville flood

A deep peace

January 30, 2010

My ears attentive
To the sounds that bring hope
A sweet voice of love
Light in the darkness
A candlelight of real joy
Given to seekers
High above circumstances
A genuine place to rest
I’ll never give up
Seeking to bring hope to all
Who are desperate and lost 
Tangled in the mess
In the human life struggle
Longing to find a deep peace
That deep peace is here
Available for us all
Who want to know truth
Truth is found in history
We can all learn from others
We can follow the journey
Of over-comers
Wisdom is in the story
Listen closely to their words
Do not be too quick to judge
Read them in context
I’ll not live in fear
In this day I will find joy
That found me searching
© Terry S. Smith
January 28, 2010


January 11, 2010

A steadfast spirit
I seek on this life journey
What does that look like?
I think of kindness
And respect for others
Those nearest me
I’ll look to refresh
Learn what it means to love them
Consider their needs
I am in training
To learn a foreign language
The language of love
Give respect to all
Because they are human beings
Just because they are
We all make a decision
What is the basis of love?
How I will treat you
Will be determined by me
Not by how you treat me
I learned this from my teacher
Who modeled living in joy~
Love that is larger than life
Peace that is deeper than pain
Joy that is overflowing
A discovery

It’s outside the box
A treasure to be found
By those who are seeking
© Terry S. Smith
January 11, 2010


December 17, 2009

Christmas season brings the lights
Lighting it up with hope, joy
Looking to give and receive
The Light of the world
Light within is the answer
Many walk in dark places
Confused and afraid of the night
Because they can’t see
There is a presence
Given to all who believe
A love without end
Where can I find peace?
The most important question
Asked when I was young
Wisdom is what I needed
Insight to find a new way
A longing for what is true
A way to find peace
© Terry S. Smith
December 16, 2008

real peace & real joy

October 23, 2009


Look at your expectations

Of yourself and of others

Look at someone whose healthy

Who lives in real joy


You find at the center

Love, and respect for oneself

A way to deal with failure

Your own and also others


The question I have

How do I help a person 

See that they are loved


How do I live in real peace

With those who are close to me

I discovered forgiveness

A personal quest


© Terry S. Smith

written October 23, 2009



October 12, 2009


Life looks different

When you see through other’s eyes

A desire to understand

Is a must for one to grow


If things have been bad

If your hopes are not fulfilled

It’s easy to blame others

When you are at fault


It will take courage to look

Not spend your time accusing 

Take responsibility

It’s a work of art 


Desiring understanding

To want to know above all

What it takes to be loving

A desire to change


© Terry S. Smith

written October 10, 2009


Life vision

October 3, 2009

How I look at life is crucial
Because I do what I think
Actions will show my beliefs
Choose beliefs wisely 
How I view myself
Important to my journey
I must renew my mind
I do it daily
It takes bravery
To look at life’s stories
My own and others
I can criticize or love
I can forgive or condemn
I have a life vision
One that compels me
Love, joy, and peace
© Terry S. Smith
written February 26, 2009

a treasure

August 20, 2009

When I consider my story
Looking back at the choices
There is one that changed my life
I looked for real love
Yes, I found it real
A love that welcomed me in
We shared a deep common ground
The soil of our souls was joy
A treasure we both had found
A rich higher love
We now have years behind us
To give away to others
We are learning to follow
Freedom, joy and peace
It’s available to all
No one is excluded here
All it takes is one person
Listening for love
written February 14, 2009

real joy

August 15, 2009

I do know real joy
Along the way I have found it
My greatest treasure
Drink deeply from this great joy
Practice its presence daily
What pleasure it is to wake
To joy in the morning hour (early dawn)
A joy much larger than pain
A love beyond words
Laughter is a good life sign
Good cheer the right medicine
For those we meet on the way
Lightness brings the light
I find great freedom
In living for just one thing
A joy to be told
I know it is a mystery
Ask someone who lives it well
written spring 2009

Be intentional

August 8, 2009

Life’s like a puzzle
You need a picture to see
What it could look like
Visualize what you want
Center on internal peace
Who can address the issues
Be intentional
Old ways do not work
You know where they will lead you
Consider new ways
Slow down you have time
To consider the options
Your life is at stake
written July 28, 2009

The Story

July 21, 2009


I look with wonder

At the story I live in

Looking back I see the pain

That I grew up in

I found a “larger story”

Of flawed and broken people


I found hope in their stories

I saw them living in grief

I saw their flawed lives arise

And find a deep peace


Is there hope for me

I said in my deep despair

I found in me a longing

To know what is true

So I studied a story

The one much larger than me


Focus and discipline worked

As I narrowed where I’d look

To find someone to address

Real issues of life


The story I discovered

Is hidden in sacred books

I found sixty-six of them

Books of the Bible


I just had one big question

If there is a God, “Who is he?”

I will let the writers speak

Each one their own way

They were consistent

One theme always held the sway

A persistent joy


One problem that I’m seeing

So many are distracted

Not looking for what is true

But trying to please


And when life stopped me

I decided I would look

At a story much larger

Big enough to learn

There is hope in our failure 


The Bible when used

By many as a “rule book”

Will wreck a man’s soul


I want to know the story

Told by the ones who lived it

I found a larger story 

That connects with mine


The connection a surprise

With integrity I searched

Looking for some good answers

I felt I could trust


written June 27, 2009

Inspired by article about Barbara Brown Taylor (in The Tennessean on June 27, 2009).