find rest

July 10, 2009


I am free to be myself

In the presence of a friend

There is no need to perform

It’s there I find rest


I’ve been trained to think

To watch closely for my friends

Who show up on time


Intimate friendship

Is where I have discovered

How to listen well


I had to face the darkness

Of my own self-centered life 

See the darkness of others

Before I could see


There are very painful truths

Places we seek to avoid

They’re plenty of distractions

That will block the light


When I’m with a friend

Who knows the truth about me

I find I can rest


That’s what God is like to me

It is based on truthful facts

A friendship over the years

That’s bigger than death


written July 10, 2009



pursue a life of love

July 7, 2009

Though it may cost you all you have
Seek understanding with passion
Make it a first priority
Insight will follow
Understanding links the past
With the present circumstance
Solitude will help you make
Future connections
We have just one life to live
I’ve decided to live well
Joy will be at my center
Peace will be at my goal
Pursue a life of love
Asses where you are
Be gentle in the process
written November 1, 2008

Internal Freedom

July 4, 2009


Liberty has come

Our country celebrates

Our freedom today


Finding this freedom

We think that it’s external

Let’s give it some thought


It’s more important

What I do in private space

Than in the public


I train to listen

To the inner voice of hope

Not trusting feelings


Feelings come and go

Controlled by circumstances

My life is bigger


Awareness and space

Are secret keys to my life

Gifts I give to me


When I do not choose

And act without thinking

I find I suffer

And those around me, also

Suffer in ways that are sad


Our forefathers suffered here

Inwardly they sought freedom

They searched their soul for answers

That rose from within


They followed their dream

We stand today in freedom

Because they had the courage 

To give up their lives


written July 4, 2009



With power and love

June 26, 2009

A friend called me and asked how I was doing.  I responded,  “I am in perfect peace, in a perfect storm.”  Later in the evening, I wrote this poem as a reflection of my day.


The storm is raging

The Prince of Peace calls us near

He speaks to the storm


I’ll give attention

To one who calms the storm

With power and love


He spoke with authority

And the sea that was raging

Became still and quieted

A sight to behold


The fear in the storm

Came from inside my being

The storm wasn’t the open sea

But my broken heart


The grief was overwhelming

Pain I had no language for

All of my dreams were shattered

Peace is what I needed

written June 23, 2009

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Our Dad’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009

Terry Smith’s daughters have hijacked his blog for Father’s Day.
Our Dad is like….
a cool stream giving a drink to weary travelers
a lamp giving light
a salt shaker giving flavor to food
Our Dad…
refreshes others as he himself has been refreshed
listens and loves unconditionally
is merciful and kind
Thank you, Dad, for caring about the little details of our lives.
We love you and enjoy being in your presence. 
You radiate peace.

the genuine life

June 11, 2009

My life is like a plant
I need to water it well
And pull the weeds out each day
Then it will flourish
I want my roots to grow deep
I want my soul to drink deeply
I want to bear the fruit of
Wisdom, love and peace
Love means clean inside
Being pure and transparent
Focused on loving
A light to the world
What I do alone
To live the genuine life
Is most important
In my private world
I make choices to train well
I am what I think
I will pursue character
Integrity will be first
Maturity is my goal
I will seek to serve
written September 1, 2008


May 26, 2009

written on Memorial Day
I want the humor
Of Bill Wooten to help me
Discover the light
I watched Bill Wooten face death
With courage and dignity
I stood there powerlessly
In a sacred space
Do not be afraid
There is a hope to be known
Looking you will find
Today I will remember
Those who have fallen so young
Because of the bad decisions
Of Adolf Hitler
Normandy and Omaha
On those beaches lay the dead
Of young men who were heroes
Who died for freedom
Each person has a story
That is known by very few
Each would say “ordinary”
If they only knew
Each life is special
The one thing I have learned
Help me see each one
Words are important
They can bring life or bring death
Spoken from the heart
It helps me to write
The things that are on my mind
My grandchildren will read them
Maybe get a glimpse
Of how much I love them
Of ways that will set them free
When I was young I sought peace
Now I am much older
Some say I am elderly
I don’t think I am 
Inside there is a little boy
Full of wonder and great joy
Living in discovery
At age sixty-six
I grew up in the trouble
But I have found a teaching
That’s been tested in the streets
Triumph is in reach
I will have to wait
For those I’d love to ask me
How I found my way
In quiet I can listen
Think through the things I can do
And what I can’t do
It’s been a good day
I have vacuumed the house rugs
And taken a nap
Been refreshed at Starbucks
Where I am writing this now
I owe a great debt
To those who’ve given me words
Another man I thought of
He was ninety-four years old
I sat listening to him
E.H. Ijams his name
I could see light in his eyes
His sense of humor was strong
He spoke to me words of wisdom
I’ll never forget
Some of my mentors
Battle worn and full of joy
Heroes in my world
May 25, 2009
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May 22, 2009

I determined I would find
A different way to live
Than the way given to me
A passion for life
To be diligent to seek
What is true, noble, and right
To search fresh springs of life
A longing to be fulfilled
I’ll never arrive
But it’s a secret journey
Of my inner soul
Where at the center peace calls
And love pursues in silence
The noise is so great
The fears have deep roots screaming
With the adrenalin rush
How to calm the storm within
It will take your best thinking
Do I fight or run away
I felt panic in my soul
Depression knocked at my door
Who would come and help
I have asked for help
Looking around I have found
Resources of love
This will take courage
To seek what is good and right
To persevere and control
The dark voices in my soul
To choose life and healing grace
There are thoughts in me that lie
It’ll take wisdom to detect
To cut through the false feelings
Expose assumptions


May 20, 2009

To get wisdom is to love
Oneself and others near you
Insight and timing will work
When we learn to hear
Understanding is the key
And unlocks the way to love
Good information given
With safety and time
Lies must be exposed
It’s the only way to health
Peace is the result 
Arise and search well
For understanding of things
And you will find life
There are many barriers 
Your perceptions are the first
It will bring the resistance
To reality 
Choose advisors well
Ones who are living freely
Whose life and words speak
Who will provide you safety
An invitation to speak
Into my life is given
To those who’ve demonstrated
A love without end
I have no expectations 
For anyone to fix me
But I do expect to find
What makes sense in life
This is what I’ve found 
A way to look with great care
At my real issues