Charlotte and Terry

Charlotte and Terry


I remember when I saw her
Briskly walking approaching
With an energy and joy
Her greeting was electric
My soul leapt surprised by joy
I wanted to know her name
They called her “Charlotte”
It was a rainy evening
I was walking behind her
I gave up my umbrella
I asked her for cover
She was kind and receiving
I bought her an ice cream cone
Then walked her back to the dorm
Graciously said “Bye”
The thing that impressed me most
She was kind to everyone
I was looking for someone
Who reflected love
I wanted to be her friend
Friendship does not make demands
Nor does it try to possess
It gives with no strings attached
We would laugh a lot
Our hearts felt lighter and free
We both had the same focus
A love larger than us
written October 18, 2008
for my beautiful wife