The Dancing

February 19, 2010

Dedicated to the Class of 1960
Clarksdale, Mississippi
At our 50th reunion
We’ll celebrate with old friends
Some classmates left us early
We remember them well
I learned to dance as a child
Music brought rhythm and joy
The movement brought energy
Taste of something good
As teens on Friday nights
We would dance, laugh, and sing
Giving and receiving friends
In motion with joy
Religious people
Thought and said it was not good
To dance, especially dance
To laugh and sing was O.K.
But dancing, not acceptable
I was not too religious
And home was not a safe place
There was no laughter at home
And no one would dance
Another place I found joy
Playing baseball and tennis
A place of community
We always had fun
When I played my position
With precision and rhythm
Things happened with teamwork
That also brought joy
Friends found in community
Where joy is at the center
I discovered this secret
As a teenager
Today I’m living the dance
The joy continues to grow
Older but younger inside
With lightness and love
I live in community
Creating happy memories
Playing with nine grandchildren
Teaching them to dance
© Terry S. Smith
February 6, 2010

Life Dance

January 31, 2010

I want to narrow my life
And be clear of my focus
Know exactly why I’m here
Be faithful to love
There is a rhythm of joy
A dance of life I will find
It has beautiful movements
Lovely to behold
Pay attention to detail
I will practice the basics
Concentrate on the movement
Until natural
All people can learn this dance
There are four steps you must learn
Awareness and intention
Will go along way
Add on to that attention
Then focus on attitude
Study these words carefully
And practice daily
Terry S. Smith
January 16, 2010