The Gentle Way of Love

February 18, 2015


Light in the darkness
Peace in the midst of the storm
Joy larger than circumstance
Hope impossible
For those who believe in love
Death will have no hold on us


Love demonstrated
A life well lived speaks loudest
I have decided
Today I will choose to trust
My heart, soul and mind in HIm


I will name the enemy
The lie handed down to me
The empty dark way
My mother and father lived
And lost what really mattered


You are who they lost
Without love at the center
Everything breaks down
Religion; psycho-babble
Are built on the empty way


Love’s the foundation
Peace is the gift that’s given
Work of the Spirit
Modeled in one man who loved
Courageous, gentle and kind


You’re loved by God
The master truth of God comes
To those seeking truth
Who have the courage to stand
Who believe they are worth it


After winter spring will come
After death you will be raised
One came to overcome death
And give life to all


Darkness called me to seek light
Pain called me to seek healing
Through failure came forgiveness
Love came through a man


David, King of Israel stated: “Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.” Psalm 108:12
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Be Still

February 16, 2015


No one can imagine this
God is closer than your blood
Be still and know “I AM God”
Your friend and Savior

The trouble looms large
The enemy is within
God knows and always will come
When we trust his love

Death cannot conquer
Circumstances will not rule
Love comes when we trust
When I see me through God’s eyes
With compassion and mercy

Reflections come after reading Psalm 16, 46, 76, 106 and 136. Plus Proverbs 16 and the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.


I learned to read the Psalms and Proverbs daily for my life from my mother in the faith “Mama Sherrill Lynn,” God’s treasured gift from God to me and so many.

A Focused Love

February 13, 2015


Each day brings trouble
Tragedy is around us
Suffering overwhelms us
Where can we find peace


My soul languishes
Fear and anxiety rule
Where can I find rest


I stand amazed when love comes
Light springs up in the darkness
Hope born in desperation
Our God hears our cry


Looking back I see
When I trusted God He came
Lifted the burden
Opened my eyes to see love
My greatest work is “Believe”


I’ll hope against hope
I’ve been given a reason
I’ll focus and understand
God became a man
Human in every way
He chose to suffer the pain


A personal gift
An intimate love given
Each person is known
Beloved, seen, heard and treasured
This is the heart of God known


Death cannot destroy
Joy sits above circumstance
The presence of love
In the life of everyone
Can be seen by looking back


Open our eyes, Lord
To see things that matter
Let gentleness rule
The way that we treat ourselves
And the way we treat others


Your unfailing love
Was demonstrated so well
In the life of your Son


No matter what the trouble I may face each day, I get to choose who sits at the center of my soul. With all the noise of the human tragedy around me my heart is drawn to one voice. It is the voice of love I will focus on today. That love is bigger than my circumstance. It is bigger than death. That love is worth dying for. That love will enhance every person I meet today. This love guarantees permanent, constant and continual growth. It is testable! I could be right! These reflections come out of meditating on the Psalms. All the best!

A Lifetime

December 30, 2014


What lasts a lifetime
Something that will never end
It is God’s favor
He brought me up from the grave
And spared my life from the pit


Anger is short lived
Weeping may last for a night
Rejoicing comes in the morning
Because God is near
Lifted me out of the depths
And he made my life secure


When I feel secure
I realize this one thing
A love much larger than me
Establishes life
Gives me the impossible
Anchors my soul in the truth


My wailing turned to dancing
My cry for mercy came true
I’m lifted out of the pit
Favored and Beloved


I give you thanks forever
One day at a time I come
My eyes and heart are open
My mind is captured


Healing always comes
It is God’s precious gifting
To those who believe
Accept His gentle favor
Sit quietly and be loved


Dark times drive me to the light
A surprising thing takes place
When I’m honestly looking
My soul is refreshed


These are my reflections from Psalm 30 looking back over these short seventy-two years. The dark times have driven me to light. Oswald Chambers is full of insights into this secret in his book “My Utmost for His Highest.” All the best to us all as we begin this new year. We are all favored.

Battles in the Secret Place

December 27, 2013


“Our battles are won and lost in the secret places of our will in God’s presence, never in full view of the world….Not often, but every once in a while, God brings us to a major turning point–a great crossroads in our life.  From that point we either go toward a more and more slow, lazy, and useless Christian life, or we become more and more on fire, giving our utmost for His highest–our best for His glory.”         Oswald Chambers – My Utmost for His Highest


I’ll walk in the light

The first thing I’ll do is sit

In the secret place

One minute, ten or twenty

Alone contemplating love


How I interpret the facts

Will determine directions

Wisdom is needed the most

We are subjective


And who defines love

My lived experience speaks

That’s my decision

This is subjective, I know

One life captures my soul


Some things are true regardless

The sun rising and setting

The seasons will come and go

Death is a sure thing


Who speaks to the death

What about the injustice

I will make a decision

Consider the facts

Interpret them in some way

I’m responsible for that


“Since ancient time no one has heard,

no ear has perceived,

no eye has seen any God besides you,

who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”  Isaiah 64:4


“I am the vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  Jesus – John 15:5


“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.”   David – Psalm 36:9


Delta Blues From Darkness to Light  speaks to inward battle in the secret place – my new book available now at

Friends in Flight

July 4, 2013


We are friends in flight

We’ll follow the lead pilot

Our gaze riveted


Our mission is clear

Being empowered by love

Filled with compassion

Flying in tight formation

We enter with confidence


With the speed of light

We penetrate the darkness

With hope and real joy

In the midst of suffering

We break the pain barrier


Our Lead models how

He shows us how to be real

This kingdom treasure

Has awakened me to joy

I choose to sell all to find


Courage needed now

In radical discipline

Encouraged by this love

To move with real faith

Beside wisdom in the darkness

Showing trust in his Presence


Freedom for the prisoners

Sight for those who are blinded

Good news for those who are poor

Release the oppressed


He will lead us in

To accomplish His mission

Light penetrating darkness

Healing the soul inside out

Available to all who come


This writing is dedicated to Larry Malone, retired Navy Captain who flew a A-6 Intruder off the USS Enterprise during the Viet Nam War.  Larry models for me the healing process of a deep soul wound.  He along with many gave himself to war for our country.  He came out with a deep soul wound as result of the “death transactions” he was called to participate in as a young man.  They equipped him to fight but he was not equipped to deal with the internal wound that he came out with.  His story tells the healing process through the years.  


He is now a “friend in flight.” We fly as wingmen to the Jesus our lead pilot.  On this day when people of this nation celebrate the freedom, I honor Larry and so many who gave their lives courageously.  Larry returned to fight a different war, a war of the soul.  He now is fighting for the young men and women who experienced this deep “soul wound” he understands.  


Thank you, Larry, my friend in flight.


My friend Genma also highlighted Larry on her blog and radio show: 

A pinhole of light

June 16, 2013

A “pinhole of light”
Comes in the deepest darkness
Hope found me waiting

There’s a room of loss
In the heart of everyone
I go to the pain

Death cannot hold me
I am not afraid to live
A gift I receive

Joy is to my soul
What blood is to my body
This belief I hold

A certain unseen
Available to each one
Unspeakable love

Everyone has an amazing story. I believe each person is being pursued by inexpressible love. Make time to reflect. I am indebted beyond words to so many who have made that love real to me by the way they live. These things, along with my personal story, are discussed in my book “Delta Blues – Darkness to Life”.  It will be available in the fall. The introduction to my book is on my new web site:

Thank you, Landon Saunders for this deep true heart felt line I heard you speak 16 years ago: “Joy is to your soul what blood is to your body.” Thank you, Paul, for what you said from prison about not fixing our eyes on what is seen and but on what is unseen because what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal. Thank you, Sarah Young for sharing your interpretation of Jesus’ invitation,”When you approach me in stillness and trust, you are strengthened.” Thank you Rebecca Greer for your words, “pinhole of light.” Your story inspires me beyond words.

Joy is my lived experience!

Bill Frey – A Gift

March 4, 2012

A friend is a gift
He was always glad to see me
No expectations
No plans for my improvement
Rejoicing in our friendship
With light in his eyes
Giving joy and acceptance
Generous and kind
Special history
So many loved him dearly
A giver not a taker
A wise man who knows
What matters most in this life
The value of a person
I watched him live it
First Bunny, his beloved
Melissa, his child
His friends he made feel special
Those who worked with him honored
Compassionate and faithful
A true man who sought the best
Loved to laugh and take pleasure
All in his presence
I have some regrets
I did not avail myself
Of more moments of his friendship
But one thing I know
We both shared a deep bonding
That is eternal and real
One promise he knew
Death would not be the winner
Love was much greater
Defined by the Christ who died
Who rose victoriously
He was not afraid
Bunny was there to comfort
Missy held him close
A sacred moment for them
As in peace he breathed his last
This tender moment for them
Will always be in my mind
Bunny on his chest whispered
“I love you and it’s O.K.
You can let go and go home”
February twenty ninth
His dad, Carl, died on that day
He knew that this was the day
He was not afraid
We all hated this process
The angels were all around
Bill was covered with God’s love
Surrounded by his dear friends
Held close by his beloved
Angels attending
Terry S. Smith
March 1, 2012
The Psalms I was meditating on as I wrote these thoughts were: Psalm 4; 34; 91; 103; 119:50 and John 11.

Radiant Love

May 7, 2011

I was desperate
Lonely and afraid of death
Death is when no one sees you
Acknowledges you
Will look at you with kind eyes
Or speak your name with great love
I began to seek
The terror began to leave
I tasted freedom
My friends were fading away
I felt loneliness coming
This poor man called out for help
The Lord heard my cry
He rescued me from distress
Looking back I see angels
Attending in the darkness
I found sweet refuge
I tasted something
A mystery I explored
I found love seeking
A radiant love
Touched the core of my being
And introduced me to joy
I come in silence
I awake each day seeking
In awe and hungry to know
Joy’s at the center
Love is what’s radiated 
Peace is the result
Hope for the future is certain
Desire for the truth drives me
Fifty years of seeking
Sixty-nine years of living
One thing I know to be true
God loves all people
© Terry S. Smith
May 7, 2011
Reflections written after meditating on Psalms 31-34.


April 23, 2011

To read the true story this poem is based on click here.


Mary and Martha

Their hope did not come

When they wanted Him to come

They were grieving and broken


Jesus disappointed them

He did not come when they called

He did come with a surprise

With power and love


He came to them right on time

To teach them new things of God

They knew He was their good friend

They knew He was God


“Your brother will rise to life”

His presence revealed this truth

He wept when He saw Mary

He knew her name well


Yes, He knows your name

He also weeps for you now

He knows your story and your grief

He is here for you


He asked for Mary

She heard Martha whispering

“The teacher is calling you”

To come and see Him


He is calling you

Do you hear His whispering

His voice can be heard

Use both heart and mind

And focus on His story


Dedicated to our special family friend Michelle.

First posted on my daughter Sara’s blog “A Spacious Place”.   

past wounds

April 9, 2011


Sue was my girlfriend

From the ninth grade to college

She was a princess


She lived in a huge mansion

Her chauffeur drove her to school

In her blue convertible

His name was “Shorty”


Life looked good on the outside

Sue was the oldest of five

Her father I rarely saw

Her mother stayed near


She was beautiful

But her world was sad as mine

Although hers appeared the best

Money hid the tragedy

It hid all of the emptiness

Suicide was the result


I thought we lived in two worlds

But later I saw the truth

We came from the same sad world

Relationships dark


We met in our woundedness

She was very kind to me

Our hearts were breaking with grief

With no words to speak


At eighteen we parted ways

Trying to hang on to love

She went to the Ivy League

I went to Ole Miss


Our letters were sweet

Our voices became distant

We could not sustain our love

It was not enough


My life fell apart

Despair became a doorway

Sue’s dad died by his own hand

We were both empty

My search led me to seek life

Her search led her to despair


Her depression led to her death

Sadness and grief crushed us all

Money could not fix the pain

Our hearts were broken

©Terry S. Smith   First posted February 20, 2010
 In memory of Sue, who died by suicide at age twenty-six.

Extravagant love

August 31, 2010


My voice is silenced

With this massive loss of Liz

I have no language


I need words of hope

I’m searching for the voices

That will speak the truth


Liz LaVelle’s life speaks!

She is God’s voice to us today

Her life rings out with passion!

Spontaneous joy!

Our hearts are grieved beyond words

Comfort those nearest and dear


One voice comes with Power

One voice speaks to death’s darkness

One voice with authority

“You will never die!”


Today we don’t grieve for Liz,

We grieve for us, our great loss

She lives, we’ll see her again

How do we go on now?


We draw near to You

You have sought us and found us

Broken and seeking


There is one who comes

I cannot explain this love

It’s bigger than death

The words of Jesus bring life

Breathe hope into my spirit


To Liz’s precious family:

You will see Liz face to face

Jesus keeps His promises

Let him comfort you


To Liz’s friends:

Let Liz’s life be remembered

Let her voice be heard by all

God is real…and He loves you!

His love is extreme


Christ lives in the human heart

Little children saw God’s face

As Liz loved, touched, and cherished

She saw the children

God’s gentleness calls

All of us to stop and think,

What really matters?


Liz knew what mattered

Her cup was full of His joy

Her life invites us

To arise and say, “thank you”

Love God, and one another


Liz’s word to all of us:

Do not weep for me

I cannot come to you now,

You can come to me

Let God’s Spirit comfort you

Draw near each day to His heart


Extravagant love

He always keeps His promise

Please accept this treasured gift

Then give it away

Joy comes in obeying Him

Love each other as God loves


Please see the children

The ones who’ve been abandoned

God is here to comfort you

Raise you up in love


Terry S. Smith

August 31, 2010



February 23, 2010

I’m given to gluttony
I wish it were not so true
It has affected my health
Food is for fuel
When you sit to dine
Note well what is before you
Is it what you need
Don’t wear yourself out searching
To get rich with this earth’s goods
They fly off like the eagle
False security
I’ll seek instruction
Looking for words of knowledge
About how to live
The truth sets you free
Wisdom and understanding 
Come with discipline
Precious in the sight of God
Is the death of His dear ones*
I want to be your servant
Precious in your eyes
You have freed me from my chains
From pride, lust, greed, and despair
Your love embraced me in these
I am filled with joy
I’m thankful today
To be alive and aware
Of who gives me life
The Lord is with me
I will never be afraid
Of what man can do to me
My God is loving
I found him running to me
In quiet I can see him
© Terry S. Smith
February 23, 2010
*based on Psalm 116:5

Everyone has a story

September 14, 2009


It’s hard to change your thinking

When you are so sure you know

Look at your life with wisdom

Ask, “Is it working?”


Answer honestly

Be aware that death is real

It’s universal


Death deserves a good answer

One we must not be afraid

To consider all options

We only die once


Looking at my death

I found a window of hope

I have been surprised by life

I’m willing to share

With those who might just wonder

What information I have


Don’t assume you know

This is about life within

Be still and listen


Everyone has a story

I’ve learned something from each one

Thousands I have heard


You need someone to hear

How you travel in this life

Find someone who will listen

Who’s honest and cares


© Terry S. Smith

written June 20, 2009


Let love renew you

July 13, 2009

There is a rhythm of God
That runs deep from the inside
Come in and sit down with love
Let love renew you
The internal mystery
Must be developed by you
It’s a training you must decide
I’ve found the wellspring
Your vision is important
Decide where you are going
Make your plans with intention
Then be rigorous
My reason for discipline
Has captured my entire soul
I choose to awake with it
Deep love will rule me
Circumstances will not rule me
I will have no fear of death
I know what I am living for
Secure in His love
written October 13, 2008