inner world

October 7, 2009

To master my inner world
Is a daily life time task
I will choose the influence
That draws me to joy
Overcome the distractions
Focus on what is the truth
Discipline your mind for love
See life through new eyes
I have been amazed
When I practice solitude
I hear fresh new things
© Terry S. Smith
written February 27, 2009

Let love renew you

July 13, 2009

There is a rhythm of God
That runs deep from the inside
Come in and sit down with love
Let love renew you
The internal mystery
Must be developed by you
It’s a training you must decide
I’ve found the wellspring
Your vision is important
Decide where you are going
Make your plans with intention
Then be rigorous
My reason for discipline
Has captured my entire soul
I choose to awake with it
Deep love will rule me
Circumstances will not rule me
I will have no fear of death
I know what I am living for
Secure in His love
written October 13, 2008

Discover joy

June 17, 2009


Guard your mouth and tongue
This is the work of the heart
Some grief you’ll avoid
How one guards the heart
What practices do you use
They must be daily
A daily practice
Will help you secure your goal
And discover joy
Discipline is hard
It is a choice that I make
I discover joy
My mind is the place
Where I do battle for life
I choose the focus
There is always help
It is the great mystery
Of the unseen God

written August 21, 2008