Our Dad’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009

Terry Smith’s daughters have hijacked his blog for Father’s Day.
Our Dad is like….
a cool stream giving a drink to weary travelers
a lamp giving light
a salt shaker giving flavor to food
Our Dad…
refreshes others as he himself has been refreshed
listens and loves unconditionally
is merciful and kind
Thank you, Dad, for caring about the little details of our lives.
We love you and enjoy being in your presence. 
You radiate peace.

My Father’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009


It is Father’s day

I know my Father’s deep love

He gave all he had


I want to know the meaning

That he had when he began

What did he want life to be

For you and for me


He began with a vision

I will search this believing

What he had in mind was good

And I can find it


I know the place to begin

I  believe I am worth it

I must care enough for me

Look for a higher love


I found in me a darkness

That frankly has frightened me

I know I am capable

Of giving great pain


I have found I need help

From something larger than me

I know I am powerless

To overcome me


I began at the bottom

To discover I need help

To love myself and others

Mercy I received


I know that you forgive me

Because that is who you are

You are the one thing in my life

That will never shift


I praise you that I can read

I praise you that I can breath

I praise you that I can see

And hear your kind call


My mind is quickened 

My heart turns to see clearly

My imagination smiles

I’m open to love

Love is running to meet me

I surrender my being


I am in awe at what I see

When I practice gratitude

All day long I am aware

Of what’s really true


I pause to listen

In the early morning time

With expectation


I begin with taking in

Thoughts from the one who made me

Tasting the joy of great love


June 21, 2009