Live well

November 29, 2009

Love, a narrow road
Few people choose to take it
Those who do find joy
Forgiveness is a mountain
Disciplined thinking will help
Overcoming distractions
Rooted in the pain
The fruit of unforgiveness
Is poisonous and deadly
It robs the soul of joy
There is no relief
I have found a way
To look at myself with love
If I can forgive myself
I can forgive you
© Terry S. Smith
November 22, 2009

love always receives

November 21, 2009

It is easy to see others
Their failures and bad deeds
For one to look at oneself
Takes courage and truth
When I see myself
I must lay all the stones down
For I too have failed
Until you see all sides
A decision is foolish
An un-reconciled life hurts
The children suffer
Love always receives
No matter what the offense
And gives forgiveness
If you’ve not received this love
You are not able to give
Examine yourself today
Receive love’s great gift
© Terry S. Smith
November 8, 2008

Would you be willing?

November 4, 2009

Would you be willing
To begin again each day
And see through new eyes
Would you be willing
To listen to the people
Who say you hurt them
Would you be willing
To ask them to forgive you
For whatever is your part
Not to be defensive
To let them know you accept
Your responsibility
Would you be willing
To declare your intentions
And admit your faults
Would you be willing
To choose to be kind
Even when you’re hurt
Would you be willing
To not judge motivation
And forgive freely
Would you be willing
To accept amazing love
To know that you are forgiven
And cherished by One
Who knows all of your story
And delights in your presence
© Terry S. Smith
written November 4, 2009

abundant life

October 21, 2009


What is it I need

To live each day with real joy?

Security: Yes

To know my life has real worth

And I’ve the power to choose


Let’s not forget the basics

Good food and relationships

Love and care demonstrated

Where laughter abounds


This goal can be reached

It will take your best thinking

A desire to live 


When our time begins

We’re born having received love

Nestled in our mother’s womb

Safe, secure and loved

We live needing to be loved

We live needing to give love


© Terry S. Smith

written October 21, 2009


Life vision

October 3, 2009

How I look at life is crucial
Because I do what I think
Actions will show my beliefs
Choose beliefs wisely 
How I view myself
Important to my journey
I must renew my mind
I do it daily
It takes bravery
To look at life’s stories
My own and others
I can criticize or love
I can forgive or condemn
I have a life vision
One that compels me
Love, joy, and peace
© Terry S. Smith
written February 26, 2009

the high road

October 1, 2009


I’ll take the “high road”

It is the road to give peace

To those that I fail

And to the ones who hurt me


I’ll never give up

I will always be searching

For new ways to love


I call it life long learning

My mistakes are my teachers

And there are many


But I’m bigger than my faults

And so are those around me

When I can forgive myself

I forgive others


© Terry S. Smith

written October 1, 2009



My Father’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009


It is Father’s day

I know my Father’s deep love

He gave all he had


I want to know the meaning

That he had when he began

What did he want life to be

For you and for me


He began with a vision

I will search this believing

What he had in mind was good

And I can find it


I know the place to begin

I  believe I am worth it

I must care enough for me

Look for a higher love


I found in me a darkness

That frankly has frightened me

I know I am capable

Of giving great pain


I have found I need help

From something larger than me

I know I am powerless

To overcome me


I began at the bottom

To discover I need help

To love myself and others

Mercy I received


I know that you forgive me

Because that is who you are

You are the one thing in my life

That will never shift


I praise you that I can read

I praise you that I can breath

I praise you that I can see

And hear your kind call


My mind is quickened 

My heart turns to see clearly

My imagination smiles

I’m open to love

Love is running to meet me

I surrender my being


I am in awe at what I see

When I practice gratitude

All day long I am aware

Of what’s really true


I pause to listen

In the early morning time

With expectation


I begin with taking in

Thoughts from the one who made me

Tasting the joy of great love


June 21, 2009


What I treasure the most is
A relationship of love
The kind a mother has for
A child of her womb
Sometimes mothers are broken
They can’t give their deepest love
They had children much too soon
My mother was one
My parents did not know how
To withstand their failing love
Their children suffered great loss
Everyone has a story
Each person needs to be heard
What matters is love
The message is forgiveness
The work we have is: believe
We are breaking from within
Love gently pursues
I look for answers
To comfort my internal
Brokenness and pain
The trouble in my journey
Did not start with my choices
My parents handed my theirs
Now I make my choice
I have four children
Who know what my choice has been
One thing they know for sure
Is that I love them
That will never be changed
They have memories that help
I’ve found a deep joy
That is larger than I am
Love’s healing power changed me
Love I wish for all
At one time I hoped for it
Now I celebrate and thank
It is a hidden love
That wants to be found by all
Love searching for you
written October 7, 2008


May 25, 2009

What do you do when 
Trust is broken among us
I have found a way
Healing of a good friendship
Will take time and your best thought
We are all in a hurry
Slow down and be wise
The breaking of promises
Is one of the first killers
It is like breaking a leg
You no longer run
How do you choose your close friends
That has been my big question
I know who the first friend is
I will befriend me
I found a criteria
That works for me over time
My greatest gift is the friends
Who have come to me
Yes, I have learned a secret
An experience of life 
One I am happy to share
With those listening
My first friend is me
This is hardest of all
For I have failed me
Yes, forgiving me
Then forgiving the others
Which of these comes first
You decide which one is first
But I must begin with me
The other has broken trust
I have no control
I concentrate on healing
Relief is not the answer
I seek good counsel
Anger can blind you
Of appropriate options
Your fears will paralyze you
Hide the healing touch
Please consider being still 
And find a very safe place (And find the wisdom of love)
There’s nothing wrong with anger
It represents the deep hurt
Get it out in a safe place
Then look at options
Although the path is simple
A profound truth you must see
You must understand one thing
Your personal worth
So search out your friends
Be honest and transparent
Forgive yourself and others
I begin with that
Accept that you are human
And those around your are, too
My mother failed me
She was nineteen when I came
I had an older brother
Father, twenty-one
Listen to your story well
You will find important clues
My sister was born
Before mom was twenty-one
Mom’s life was broken
Everyone has a story
There are secrets in each one
Some are good and some are bad
I found the good ones
The bad ones are real
Secrets that need to be told
It gave me understanding
Seen without judgment
I will lead with compassion
For myself and the others
To make space everyday
To be aware of my world
To be kind and respectful
And choose what makes sense
I found friends who live in joy
Yes, they have been hard to find
When I decided to search
I found friends looking
My teachers are good
I have chosen them with care
They lead with their life
I have asked them my questions
And they have given respect
Life is a process
A tree starts as an acorn
Planted in good soil
Watered well and good sunshine
Then a mighty oak is grown
The same is true for persons
With plenty of time and love
A heart searching for the truth
Honesty guiding (With authentic talk)
The best person in my life
I have known for forty-six years
I’ve failed her more than others
Her love is secure
She is one of those dear friends
Who’ll never leave or forsake
One I have always trusted
Who has room to fail
In early morning light dawns
Help me be gracious and kind
Compassionate and giving
To all that I meet
written May 23, 2009